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Zoom App Alternatives: 10 Best Free And Paid Alternatives to Zoom you Should Try!


Zoom was recently included in the headings for privacy and security concerns. Here are the top ten Zoom apps you should consider.

Video conferencing is becoming a popular choice for businesses and organisations to organize and conduct meetings. It’s important to choose the best video conferencing app. While Zoom remains one of the most popular online meeting platforms, its security has been in doubt recently, which has affected consumers’ trust within the service and prompted them to look for an alternative. Here’s a list of the best video conferencing apps.

10 Best Zoom App Alternatives


Skype is a -free alternative to Zoom. However, it’s not ideal for business users. It’s a great option if you want to hold a small group video conference. Skype offers advanced features like screen sharing, file sharing and an unrivalled chat option. Skype currently supports only 10 users.

Google Duo

Google Duo, a video calling platform that is well-known, is another popular name. The app is better suited for casual communication than Zoom, which was designed to be used as a foreign communication tool in enterprises. The maximum number of participants in Duo is currently limited to 12.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is likely to be familiar to you if you have a Google account. This tool is free from Google and is a great alternative to Zoom app. This tool allows users to schedule, host, and make video conferences. It is also great for hosting panel discussions, announcements, or hosting a Q&A.

It can also be integrated with other Google products. The current limit for a text hangout is 150 people. Video calls can accommodate up to 10 private users and 15 Business Apps participants.

MS Teams

MS Teams is a Microsoft unified communication tool and collaboration tool. MS Teams has a paid and a free version. The paid plan includes certain advanced features. You can have up to fifty people in one video call.


ClickMeeting, an alternative to zoom, is simple to use. It allows users to set up and share meetings, and even record live meetings to share with others. It’s a subscription-based platform that offers a free trial for first users. It is usually billed monthly or annually, so the price starts at $25 per months.


Ekiga, an open-source video conference tool that can be used to communicate with others via webcams, is currently unavailable for Mac users. The app is free and can be used to schedule and join group calls. Ekiga offers great audio and video quality.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is just as good as the other Adobe products. The only problem is that Adobe Connect doesn’t have many advanced features, and it is more expensive than other paid products. It’s great for large businesses as it can accommodate a total of 1,000 participants.


GoToMeeting, while it is a great alternative to Zoom Meetings is a bit more expensive. It has the same features as Zoom, and so it comes with an intuitive interface. You can also attach to the app with screen sharing, webcams and VoIP audio.

BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Meetings could be a good option if you are looking for a tool that can support more than 10 participants. BlueJeans Meetings offers a free trial that can host up to 50 participants. Other features include unlimited 1v1 meetings, five hours of recording, and many other cool features. Upgrade to the enterprise version if you wish to host more than 100 people. You can contact the corporate for a quote.


Although Join.me does not offer as many advanced features Zoom meetings, it may still be an option for you if you are on a tight budget or don’t have many participants. You can display up to 10 streams of video directly from the website.


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