How To Fix YouTube Not Working With VPN?

VPN is used to allow users to access blocked websites. However, VPN may not work for all sites. YouTube does not work with VPN.

It’s not uncommon for the government to ban access to certain websites by a user or group of users because of security concerns. Other concerns could also be involved. Few agencies have yet to declare that all pages are blocked in order to protect their citizens from inappropriate and triggering content. Geo-restricted pages are another growing concern due to copyright issues. This shows that blocking factors are less political than technical.

YouTube may be the most visited website in the world. However, YouTube still has security restrictions that restrict its accessibility. Many times, the web world is asked to remove explicit or triggering content. This makes YouTube’s standards higher for all users.

It is not surprising that users from all parts of the globe come forward to get access to their favorite media-related videos. Any user who is struggling to access YouTube would be grateful for the best service. Because of its specifics, NordVPN is quite useful for users.

How to Securely Dismiss YouTube Restrictions:

YouTube was also blocked by blocking users from accessing their IP addresses. YouTube instantly reveals to you that your country isn’t compatible with streaming YouTube videos when your device connects to the internet. It is nothing to be concerned about, as NordVPN has proven itself to be the best VPN service, especially for YouTube.

NordVPN offers you the irresistible opportunity to connect to remote VPN servers by changing your IP address to something that its users are in the chosen location. This allows you to access all restricted content. You get unparalleled protection for your private data, in addition to accessing restricted content.

NordVPN redirects internet traffic to their customers using an encrypted tunnel with a strict no logs policy. This means that none of your internet activities will be monitored or censored according to YouTube standards.

These specifications make NordVPN compatible with unblocking YouTube.

Secret Access to YouTube With the Best VPN (NordVPN).

You can have a private and secure YouTube connection with NordVPN in just three steps.

These are the steps to follow:

  • NordVPN can be downloaded to your device. Subscribe to it.
  • Select a location where you want to establish a connection to a server (YouTube Server).
  • That’s it. Now you have unblocked YouTube.

VPN services cannot be unblocked for YouTube because of some technical issues.

YouTube Not Working with VPN

Sometimes your VPN will stay connected even though YouTube doesn’t work. It doesn’t just open. To help you get out of this mess, try these troubleshooting steps.

Every other website, except YouTube, works while you’re connected to your VPN. YouTube’s client won’t respond to you often, even if the VPN is connected. These anomalies are caused by the limited internet censorship policies in the client’s area.

The server is in another region. YouTube will open if someone uses a Remote Desktop to access it.

Follow these troubleshooting steps to get YouTube to work after it is connected to the VPN.

  1. You can ping without the VPN being connected. The client will wait for a response to all pings. It is recommended that you do not use the Internet Browser, as it will likely show you an error message.
  2. If pinging fails to resolve the problem, it is possible that there is a DNS problem. These steps will help you to follow up on that suspicion:
  • Visit VPN Connection Settings.
  • Click on the Networking Tab.
  • Navigate to the TCP/IPv4 properties

Set up your DNS address manually by following these steps:

Troubleshooting YouTube’s Disconnectivity with NordVPN:

There are many reasons why your device might have connectivity issues. These include incorrect App configuration, network settings, corrupt adaptors or applications. There are many solutions to these problems.

  • First, make sure your VPN account is working fine. Here are some tips to help you do this:
  • Visit
  • In the navigation bar, click on My Account.
  • Log in to access your account
  • Your VPN connection is fine if you don’t see any payment issues.
  • Next, use the Diagnostic Tool to check for any issues with the NordVPN configuration.
  • Go to Setting Tab in the NordVPN Application.
  • Scroll down to view Advanced Settings.
  • Select “I Know what I’m doing”
  • Scroll down to the Diagnostic section.
  • Click on Run Diagnostic Tool.
  • Click on the Reset NordVPN button in the open window.
  • Wait for the procedure complete.

If YouTube connectivity problems persist, restart the TAP driver. This is the driver that manages the VPN connection on your device.

  • Click on Start.
  • Go to the Control Panel.
  • Go to Network and Internet.
  • Select Network and Sharing Settings
  • Choose Change Adaptor Settings.
  • Look for “TAP NordVPN Windows Adaptor”. Right-click it to disable it.
  • Next, click on the right button to enable it again.
  • Reconnect again.

You should also flush your network stack to get rid of any hanging configurations.

  • Click on Start.
  • Type “cmd”
  • Enter. You will see the Elevated Command Line Window.