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Youtube Dashboard Desktop – YouTube channel tracking dashboard illustration


Imagine YouTube channel functionality, with important metrics like opinions, average opinion percent, and typical period.

What is this Youtube dashboard used for?

YouTube Dash Template provides a complete view of your YouTube station performance. You can link your YouTube station to track views, average time, and the number of subscribers. You can see the overall operation of your channel to determine where viewers are coming from and what videos will be most popular.

What is the purpose of this Youtube dashboard?

One view that monitors all aspects of your YouTube station functionality.

Visualize your movie functionality using KPIs such as perspectives and average viewing time.

Highlights the activities and routines of your station subscriber.

Use the Youtube Channel Dashboard

Use the Channel dash to acquire a synopsis of current activity in your station, and find out what is new and exciting about YouTube.

Check out your Youtube Channel Dashboard

To start your dash, either:

  • Go to YouTube Studio
  • You can access YouTube Studio from any location.

Navigate your channel dashboard

You will find a few unique cards on the dashboard.

  • Channel offense warnings, strikes, or conclusions concerning appeals are exempted from the jurisdiction of the community.
  • The latest video functionality: This is a photo of your most recent live stream or movie.
  • The most recent comments: This is a photo of the comments that you haven’t responded to.
  • The most recent post: This is a photo showing how your crowd responds to your latest community article. This will only be available if you are qualified to use the Community tab.
  • Information: Get the latest updates from YouTube.
  • Studio: What’s new? These are the most recent updates to the founder’s tools and features.
  • Creator InsiderThe Creator Insider channel’s Hottest Videos
  • Here are some suggestions for you: Get personalized tips and best practices for your station.
  • Important notifications: Important speeches about your station and videos. Continue reading.
  • Channel Analytics: A summary of the number of views, subscribers, and visits to your station during the past 28 days. You can also see the top videos and subscribers of your station.
  • Recent readers: A list of all current subscribers to your station. You can choose a time to sort the listing according to contributor count.
  • Problems that are known: There are ongoing YouTube events that affect many users and channels.

Important notifications

These types of alarms are now available from the required notifications card to your station dash. We will be adding more types of warnings to this card in the future.

  • Monetization It doesn’t matter if your station has been accepted.
  • Copyright If you have been the subject of a copyright case or an attack on copyright.

These types of alarms will not be displayed on the Alerts card. These types of alerts will be added to your Alerts card in the future. To receive updates in these areas, make sure you check your email.

  • Notifications about your AdSense accounts
  • Advertiser-friendliness manual inspection Success


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