The Number You Dialed is Not a Working Number – What Does it Mean

During the course of a typical day, we make literally millions of phone calls for a variety of reasons and purposes. Despite the widespread use of texting and messaging applications such as WhatsApp, there are still those of us who prefer the simplicity of a phone call to express our intended message. In some respects, calling each other by their first names can sound a little quaint, but we don’t think it will ever become obsolete completely.

Another consequence of attempting to call one another is that we may occasionally hear a variety of pre-recorded messages as a result of our efforts. One of the most prevalent of these is “the number you dialled is not a working number,” which is one of the most frequently heard.

However, when we attempt to call a number that we are confident is in service, we may receive this recorded message. So, if we are aware that it is genuine and that we have dialled it recently, why are we receiving the message? Truth be said, these things may and do happen, and when they do, it can be more than a bit perplexing for those involved.

It is precisely for this reason that we have chosen to put together this short tutorial to help you understand what is happening with your account. Consequently, if this is the scenario you are in, you have arrived at the correct location for help!

What is causing the message “The number you dialled is not a working number” to appear?
What is causing me to receive the message “The number you dialled is not a working number”?

Simply put, the “The Number you dialled is not a functional number” message is intended to inform you that the phone number you have dialled is not in use by anyone at the time you receive it. It is practically an unused and free number, and as a result, it cannot be reached or connected with.

With potentially billions of numbers in use all around the world, it’s always a surprise when we manage to dial a number that isn’t already in use. But what if we had that phone number saved in our phone’s contacts list? In this circumstance, the most likely scenario is that the individual who was previously using that phone number has no longer doing so for whatever reason.

They will have gone to great pains to cease the number in order for it to become available to someone else, if this is indeed the case. In other words, let’s suppose that this isn’t what will have happened in the vast majority of cases.

There has to be something else at work in this situation. There are numerous scenarios that could explain the circumstance you have found yourself in, and we have included a list of them all in the following section.

An incorrect area code has been entered.

Each and every one of the numbers in existence will have a prefix that will either indicate a region or a country code, or both, attached to it. In addition, if you are calling from a landline, there may be a city code that you must memorise as part of the call.

Naturally, if the person you’re contacting lives in the same area as you, you won’t have to worry about dialling an area code, so this won’t explain away the difficulty you’re experiencing getting in touch. Beyond that, it is always advisable to double-check that you have the correct area code for the person you are attempting to contact before dialling their number.

Due to the fact that these kinds of things can now be verified with a short Google search, you should be able to either validate or rule out this notion in a matter of minutes. Providing that an erroneous area code was not the cause, the next step is now to proceed with caution.

Make certain that the number does not contain any typos.

There’s a potential that you accidentally typed the wrong number in since your finger slipped as you wrote. The occasional misspelling occurs while I type this, which is very normal. It is a natural side effect of using electronic devices, no matter how frequently you do it.

It’s possible that a digit is missing anywhere in the number, or that a 2 has been substituted for a 5. You will either contact the wrong person by mistake or, in your instance, no one at all if this is the case in your situation. So, just do a fast double-check and double-check again to make absolutely certain that you have the correct amount before proceeding to the next recommendation.

It’s possible that you dialled an out-of-service number.

It has been significantly reduced at this point in time, and the array of options behind the “The number you dialled is not a functional number” recorded messages has been significantly reduced as well. Really, if you have successfully dialled this number in the past and are confident that you are dialling the correct number, there is just one other option left.

Unfortunately, at this point, you may have to consider that the person who was using that phone number has discontinued using it and has completely stopped using it. This is quite rare because it might require a significant amount of effort to cease a phone number, especially if it is done in a short period of time.

The only thing that can be done when this occurs, however, is to call around and inquire of mutual acquaintances as to what has transpired. If it is a business that you have been attempting to connect with, these customers are more likely to stop service and change phone numbers than other customers.

The quickest way to get in touch with someone is to do a quick Google search of the company and see if they have changed their phone number. The majority of the time, they will have placed any changes to the phone number in an easily accessible location on the website. After all, failing to do so would be extremely detrimental to one’s business.