Xfinity Stream Not Working On Chrome: 7 Ways To Fix

People have been drawn to Xfinity Stream for a very long time, which is not surprising considering that Xfinity is one of the most popular services currently available. However, consumers have been experiencing difficulties with the Xfinity Stream issue due to the fact that Chromecast does not support it. However, they are currently working on adding compatibility for Chromecast. Although the support is already accessible on the live server, the beta version of the Android app is just now being made available to users.

The Xfinity Stream is now even capable of streaming live TV thanks to this brand new functionality. According to the information provided,Hub. On the other hand, the beta version is not made available to all users. In such a scenario, individuals can always work on the troubleshooting tips that we have listed in the article below and see if they help!

The Xfinity Streaming Service Is Incompatible With Chrome 1) Chrome Version

There have been reports of people successfully using Chrome on Windows 10, but Xfinity Stream has not been functioning at all. If this is the case, there is a possibility that the service is not supported by the browser you are using. You could also use the Microsoft Edge web browser. Additionally, if you don’t want to give up on Chrome and want to improve your streaming experience, you can try using the incognito mode on Chrome. You may want to utilise the Firefox web browser because it is compatible with streaming the content that is available through Xfinity.

2) Evict the Cache

The Xfinity Stream will function correctly once your web browser is clear of cache and other unnecessary data. In a similar vein, if the cache value in your browser is higher than normal, you need to delete and clear up any garbage files as well as the cache. This will ensure that you are able to maximise the device’s potential performance-wise. On the other side, this will increase the performance, and there will be fewer complications with the connectivity.

3) Wi-Fi Or Ethernet?

It is highly likely that there are problems with internet connectivity if Xfinity Stream on Chrome is not connecting properly for anyone who is experiencing this issue. For example, these platforms perform most effectively when connected via Ethernet because there are no interruptions in the internet signals; on the other hand, the Wi-Fi connection demonstrates both connection and signal interruptions.

4) Restart

One of the most common approaches to resolving issues and getting things back on track is to try this. It is strongly recommended at this point to close both the Chrome browser and Xfinity Stream. In the same vein, you will need to power down the personal computer and then start it back up in order to relaunch the Chrome web browser and attempt to use Xfinity Stream once more.

5) Restore the Factory Defaults

There is a possibility that the settings of your browser are being adjusted without your knowledge, since your browser may be experiencing automatic adjustments. In this circumstance, it is recommended that the settings of the browser be restored to their initial and factory defaults. In addition to this, you need to check that the Xfinity Stream plug-in has been installed correctly and is loading as quickly as possible.

6) JavaScript and Cookie Addiction

If you’re using Chrome as your browser and the Xfinity Stream isn’t working for you, you may need to check your cookies and JavaScript settings. It should go without saying that Xfinity Stream cannot function properly without JavaScript, and enabling cookies requires that script as well. Once these two settings are enabled, there is a good chance that the Xfinity Stream will begin functioning properly.

7) Instruments

Although the likelihood of having a successful experience on a different device is low, it is still worthwhile to give it a try. In this particular scenario, it is recommended that you use the Chrome browser on another device and enter your credentials in order to log in to Xfinity Stream. Therefore, if Xfinity Stream is functioning properly on other devices, the problem lies with your own device!

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