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Xfinity Camera Light Blinking: 2 Reasons

Xfinity is a service provider that offers a wide range of services, including voice and data communication. You can also get value-added services such as security services. Xfinity sells its own equipment, including motion detectors and smoke sensors.

These cameras let you remotely monitor your office, home, or other location from your smartphone. There are many reasons why your camera light blinks.

Xfinity Camera Light Blinking – What Causes It?

The flashing light can be caused by many reasons. The flashing light could be an indication that the camera is not connected to the internet and is trying to reconnect. When the firmware is being updated, the light will blink. It should be simple to rule out this possibility. The update may cause the light to blink, but it will not make the camera disappear from your mobile app. The camera will not be responsive, but it will still display on the mobile app you use. Here are some ways to fix this problem permanently.

1 If you are updating

If your camera is updating and it shows that a firmware upgrade is being installed, you should not wait. It takes no more than 10 minutes, and you can use the camera again without any errors or problems.

If the update does not complete after waiting for more than 30 minutes, it could be a problem. The mobile app can reset your camera to the default settings. This will fix the problem and trigger the update again.

If this fails, click on the power button for five seconds. This will reset the camera and restart the update. This will allow you to correctly install the firmware update. The light will stop blinking after your Xfinity Camera downloads and installs the firmware update.

2 If Connectivity Issues

If the camera is not able to connect to your network, and the light blinks, the camera will not appear on your mobile application. If there are no changes to the network, you should restart the camera. It will attempt to reconnect with the network once more. This will solve the problem and you won’t see that light blinking anymore.

You will need to reconnect the camera from scratch if there is any type of network change.


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