Xfinity Voice Command Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix

When it comes to internet, voice, and smart home goods, Xfinity has quickly risen to the top of the list for anyone searching for a reliable provider. As a result, they created the Xfinity voice remote, which allows users to adjust the network settings and perform other operations by simply speaking into the device. If, on the other hand, the Xfinity voice command not functioning issue is causing you concern, we have you covered with the troubleshooting solutions detailed in this post!

1) Reset the Xfinity Voice Command if it is not working.

It is necessary to restart your Xfinity service if you are unable to make use of the voice command. The box must be reset in this situation since it will optimise the network connection, allowing you to stream material more smoothly.

2 ) Re-pairing

If you are unable to utilise the voice command on your Xfinity box, you will need to re-pair the box and remote by following the instructions listed below;

Setup is activated by pressing and holding the setup button on the remote control until it becomes green.
As soon as the LED becomes green, push the buttons in the following order: 9, 8, 7, and 9.
Setup should be repeated, and when the LED goes green, push the Xfinity button once more to complete the process.
This will bring up a series of prompts on your screen, which you must complete in order to re-pair your device.
Now, recheck the voice command to see whether it is still working properly. It should be.

3) Incorrect Configuration

In the event that the re-pairing did not resolve the voice command issue, you will need to re-configure the remote by following the instructions outlined below:

Hold down the setup button on the remote control for a few seconds (keep pressing until the LED comes green)
Now, hit the Xfinity button on your remote control, and the instructions will appear on your computer screen.
Once the window displays on the screen, you must input the three-digit code that appears on the screen.
This will configure the remote, and the voice commands will become operational when you press the voice control button on the remote.

4) The use of batteries

It is more likely that the batteries in your Xfinity remote have failed if the voice commands on your remote are not responding to your voice instructions. Having said that, you must remove the batteries from the remote and reinstall them firmly because weak battery connections can cause the connection to be disrupted.

Additionally, you should consider replacing old batteries with new ones because new batteries provide higher performance and usefulness than the ones you now have. Also, we would like to point out that placing batteries under the sun to “charge” them is not a good idea because high heat might result in a battery explosion.

5) Reset the computer

If the voice command is still not responding, you may want to try resetting the Xfinity remote control device. To reset the remote, press and hold the diamond and triangle buttons at the same time until the LED changes colour from red to green, then release the buttons. To activate the LED, push the buttons in the exact sequence of 9, 8, and 1 until the LED becomes green. When you push these buttons, the blue light on the remote will blink three times, signalling that the remote has been successfully reset. This will almost certainly resolve the issue with the voice command. It’s important to remember that this reset will remove the pairing, so you’ll have to re-pair the remote after you’ve completed the reset.