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Xfinity Pods Blinking Light: 3 Ways To Fix

Xfinity Pods are without a shadow of a doubt one of the trendiest and most beneficial products that have been introduced to the market in the most recent years. In addition to this, they are very efficient at resolving a problem that a good number of us face with the way our home Wi-Fi networks are configured.

In the past, we were forced to rely on a single router to provide a sufficient internet connection for our entire home or place of business. This was the case whether we were at home or at work. However, now that there are products on the market such as Xfinity Pods, we are able to spread our internet service in a manner that is uniform across the area that we are focusing on. No more internet black areas.

In their most fundamental form, Xfinity Pods can be thought of as Wi-Fi extenders. After plugging them into the numerous power outlets located throughout the home, you will immediately have access to high-speed service in every room.

Among all of the technological devices that we cover in our articles, we believe that the Xfinity Pods have one of the simplest installation and configuration processes available. Obviously, this is true only in the event that you are aware of what you are doing.

After everything has been set up, there are not too many significant problems that arise, which causes customers to complain. On the other hand, just like with any other piece of high-tech equipment, there is always the chance that something will go wrong with these.

After searching the internet to see which problem individuals were most concerned about, I found that the problem with the flashing light appears to be the most common complaint.

The good news is that this is not a particularly serious issue, and in most cases, it can be resolved quickly and easily without leaving the convenience of your own home. In light of this, the purpose of this brief tutorial is to provide an explanation of what the problem is and how it might be resolved. You have arrived to the proper location if this is the information that you have been hunting for all along.

Lights Flashing on the Xfinity Pods

When writing these articles, we always find it helpful to investigate what factors may be contributing to the malfunction of the equipment under scrutiny.

Because of this, our goal is that the next time something goes wrong, you will be able to put a stop to it far more quickly than you could have in the past and prevent it from becoming worse. So, here it goes.

In general, the blinking lights are attempting to convey to you that the pod does not have sufficient network coverage to maximise the connection for you. It is trying very hard to establish a connection to the Wi-Fi network, but for some reason it is unable to do so successfully. This is indicated by the light flashing on and off repeatedly.

If you have been keeping track of when this occurs over a significant amount of time, you may have realised that it always seems to start when the network itself is generally the least active. This is something that you may have seen if you have done so. Therefore, for the majority of us, that would be quite late in the evening and well into the early morning hours.

Regarding the resolution of this issue, we are reasonably certain that you will not find any of these suggestions to be overly challenging. Even if you would never go so far as to label yourself as “techy,” we are certain that you have what it takes to work through all of these, diagnose the issue, and hopefully fix it.

And don’t worry, even if you aren’t very confident in your abilities, none of these fixes will require you to disassemble anything or put the gadget in any kind of danger in any manner. Now, keeping all of that in mind, how about we get this party started?

1) Wait it out

Hold out for a while longer.

As was previously stated, the flickering lights are only an indication that the gadget is attempting to improve its performance on its own.

If this is something that you have only recently been aware of, the good news is that you might not even need to take any action at all.

Your Xfinity Pods will only require a maximum of five minutes of your time for the optimization process, which will take place in almost all instances. Therefore, in order to fix this issue, we are proposing that you sit there and do absolutely nothing for approximately five minutes.

If there isn’t a more significant problem at hand, the pods will simply carry out this automatic operation in the background without requiring any participation from a human being.

And when it does, you ought to have observed that the signal quality is going to be far better than it was before. This will be the case when it returns.

However, if the blinking light continues for significantly longer than five minutes, we are going to have to take action in response to the issue; it is time to move on to the next stage.

2) Reset the Pod’s settings.

Do you agree that this solution appears to be far too easy to ever be successful in resolving the issue? You might be shocked to learn how frequently just a simple reset is enough to get rid of all the gremlins.

In point of fact, IT professionals are usually saying that if people just did this before asking for professional support, they probably wouldn’t have a job anymore because people would have solved the problem themselves. So then, how about we give it a shot?

Unplugging the pod from its power supply and letting it remain in that state for around two minutes is all that is required to make this patch work.
After this period of time has elapsed and the device has had the opportunity to reset, unplug it completely and then plug it back in again.
At this juncture, the pod will instantly start scurrying around in an attempt to determine what it should be doing next.
After it has gotten its bearings, there is a good likelihood that it will automatically optimise the network and connect to the Wi-Fi after it has done so automatically connecting to the Wi-Fi.
Everything should be back up and running, and with a little bit of luck, everything should be functioning just as well, if not better, than it did before.
Even if your pods aren’t experiencing any performance concerns, it is still a good idea to reset them every once in a while as a preventative measure. This is some sound advise.

3) Optimize it again

You can count yourself as a little unfortunate if you have made it all the way to this point, but if you have, congratulations!

The majority of people should have their problem resolved after trying one of the two solutions presented above. Whatever the case may be, there is still one more piece of advice to test out before contacting the experts. This one is a little more difficult, but we are confident that you will be able to handle it.

The next step that makes the most sense is for you to start from scratch and optimise the pod by yourself. It may appear difficult, but in reality, it’s not all that challenging. Getting rid of the pod from your application is the most effective way to handle this situation.

Erase it from your memory completely so that it won’t appear again in any of your searches. This presents an opportunity for you to start over, to make a clean slate of things.

In point of fact, once it has been delivered to your house, you will need to set it up in the same manner in which you did so when you originally received it. If there isn’t something substantially wrong with your Xfinity Pods, this should fix the problem once and for all and put an end to your headaches.

If such is not the case, we have a good feeling about the fact that the problem is not on your end.

4. Problem with the Flashing Lights on the Xfinity Pods

Unfortunately, these are the only repairs we have for Xfinity Pods that do not involve becoming stuck inside the device when taking it apart.

This is something that we are never going to suggest, as there is a possibility that doing so could render any warranty that is currently in effect null and void. If you are ever uncertain about anything, the best thing to do is get in touch with the company that made the product.

Having said that, we are constantly searching for further solutions that we could have overlooked in the past. If you have experimented with anything else and found that it was successful, please let us know about it in the comments box below so that we may share the information with our other readers. Thank you. Thanks!


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