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Xbox One Game Won t Launch Returns To Home Screen


Xbox One Game Wont Launch Returns To Home Screen – Here we can see “Xbox one keeps crashing to home screen”

Xbox One Keeps Crashing Freezing Home Screen – Problems & Solutions

The Xbox One crashes after playing a game. It crashes, freezes, and goes back to the home screen/dashboard regardless of what game I have chosen. The games don’t work properly. Games either crash to the dashboard or don’t load. The loading screen crashes. The loading screen will freeze and games won’t load. The screen turns black. Profiles don’t load. These simple steps will fix most Xbox software issues.

If the Xbox One is not turned off, it will enter standby mode. The system isn’t completely turned off. This can lead to the Xbox becoming full of data. These issues can be fixed by using the ON/OFF button. This will reboot the system and unplug the Xbox. This is useful if a game doesn’t load beyond the title screen.

Notice: Please visit this page to learn the meaning of error codes displayed on your Xbox. Xbox error code examples: E12.

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Reset the Xbox One to fix problems

  1. Turn off the Xbox manually
  2. Five minutes of unplugging your Xbox
  3. Connect to the power source.
  4. Log in and choose a game.
  5. Make sure the game loads correctly

This will help you to understand the issue and often resolve it.

If your Xbox problem isn’t software-related, then you will have an overheating problem. Dust or dirt could build up on your console. The system could overheat, and then shut down. You can blow the system with compressed gas to remove any dust. MORE XBOX HELP – Does your Xbox One Keeps Turning Off By Itself – Help Here

Overheating can lead to many problems. This problem can be solved by adding an extra fan to your Xbox. This is the Xbox One X Vertical stand with cooling fan. You can find the solution to your problem here Xbox Cooling Stand.

Software issues can be fixed with this:

  1. To turn off the system, hold the facility button down for five second.
  2. To turn the system off, press the X button on your Xbox unit.
  3. The sun will change color from white to amber when the Xbox is off completely.
  4. To turn the Xbox ON, hold the button or equivalent controller. It will then turn itself on.
  5. Log in to confirm that this issue has been resolved.
  6. To determine if the matter is resolved, return to the dashboard and choose an app or game.

Rebooting will fix any software problems and resolve any other issues.

More Xbox Problems & Fixes:

You can delete a game that keeps crashing your system and then reinstall it.

To reset: Press the button until it beeps. Then, turn it off. Next, turn it off. Xbox screen appears.

A newer version of a game can cause a crash or freeze your system. To fix this, you will need to delete the updated game and reinstall it.

Use this method to clear your Xbox and stop it from crashing on the dashboard.

  1. Click on SETTINGS
  2. Click Disc or BlueRay

This can be used to fix the problem.

If you still have Xbox problems after reading this article, please leave a comment below. We will be happy to assist.

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