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7 Ways To Fix WOW Internet Not Working

Plans for both the phone and the internet are included in this category because communication is a crucial component of our lives. People have the option of going with WOW! despite the fact that it can be difficult to get the appropriate phone and internet services from a single podium. On the other hand, some of the users found WOW! to be difficult. Internet not working. On the other hand, we do have the solutions for this issue!

How To Fix WOW Internet Not Working?

1. Customer Support

In the end, a lot of individuals call customer support, however if you’re having issues with WOW!, your first step should be to call customer support. You can contact the customer support department by dialling the following number: 1-855-349-9313. This is due to the fact that WOW! has a track record of experiencing downtime. As a consequence of this, they will be able to communicate even in the event that they are unable to use the internet due to the service interruption. In the event that there is a disruption in service, you will be required to wait while personnel work to resolve this issue. On the other hand, if the internet problems are caused only by your configuration, they will provide a higher level of assistance.

2. Device

It is time to put your Wi-Fi connection to the test on a variety of different devices. For instance, if you are accessing the internet on a laptop, you may verify the internet connection by pulling out a tablet or smartphone. If WOW! internet is functional on other devices, the problem most likely lies with the device itself, sometimes known as the laptop. Having said that, you could try power cycling the device to see if it helps. Second, you have the option of locating the laptop’s network drivers and bringing them up to date. When the laptop’s network drivers have been brought up to date, the internet connection will become operational.

3. Reboot

You will most certainly gain access to the internet signals provided by WOW! However, you must restart both the modem and the router. Because of the problems that are occurring, you need to attempt to reboot the modem and the router. These are the equipment that are responsible for optimising the internet connection. To restart the computer, you must unplug the power cable and leave it disconnected for approximately one minute. After you have reconnected the wires, you will notice an improvement in the quality of the internet signals and be able to utilise the WOW! internet service.

4. Clogging

When it comes down to the internet problems that WOW! internet customers are experiencing, there is a good likelihood that the network is congested. To put it another way, the amount of traffic that the internet service experiences is greater than what it is able to manage. In order to accomplish this goal, you will need to wait for some time so that the traffic can calm down. Second, it’s possible that you have an excessive number of devices linked to your internet service. In light of this information, it is recommended that the number of devices linked to the network be cut down to a minimum and that an attempt be made to use the internet. As a direct consequence of this, there will be less congestion.

5. A Cable for Ethernet

If you happen to have a spare ethernet cable laying around, you will need to disconnect the cable that is currently connected to the modem or router before you can attach the new one. Believe us when we say that doing so will do wonders for your WOW! internet connection. This is due to the fact that the wires were not made to last forever and are susceptible to breakage. You will need to replace the cable in question if it has been damaged in any way or if there are problems with the internal continuity.

6. Equipment

In order to make use of the internet connections, you are going to need the appropriate equipment. To put it another way, the WOW! internet might not be operating because the technology is out of date and it does not conform to the wireless standards of the internet. However, you are need to use appropriate equipment that is compatible with the device, but this is something that can be verified for each device. To begin, when you are utilising the Mac, you will need to navigate to the system information menu and select the network tab.

After that, you may click on Wi-Fi, and it will display the PHY modes for you to choose from. You will learn the wireless standards that are recommended or supported as a direct consequence of this. The second step requires you to launch the Device Manager in Windows and then select the Network Adapters menu option. Additionally, it will list the wireless standards; therefore, you should optimise the equipment so that you can continue to use WOW! internet.

7. Reset

In the event that you have already attempted to fix the internet problem with WOW! However, while the problem is still occurring, you will need to reset either the modem or the router that you are utilising. To accomplish this, navigate to the device’s settings menu and locate the Reset button. Hold down the button for around ten to fifteen seconds. As a result, it will reset the device and the internet configuration will be streamlined. Also, it’s likely to fix the internet connection!


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