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2 Ways To Fix Arris TG862 Wi-Fi Light Blinking

The Arris TG862 Wi-Fi router is essentially a DOCSIS 3.0 router. It is mostly used residentially and is usually given to Xfinity customers as part of their subscription plans. It works well and provides a great experience. There are some things you should know about the router’s Wi-Fi light and how to fix it.

Arris TG862 Wi Fi Light Blinking

What does it mean?

If the Router can send out Wi-Fi signals and establish networks, the Wi-Fi light must be steady green. If the light flashes green and blinks, it means that the Wi-Fi network has not yet been fully activated but is still in the process of being established. The process is quick and should not take too long. It should be up within a few minutes after you have connected your Wi-Fi router to the internet and optimized the settings. If the light continues to turn on for longer than this, it is time to get it fixed. Here is how.

1. Restart the Router

To resolve this issue, you can simply restart your router to reboot all components. Then you’ll be able establish a Wi-Fi connection with no problems. Simply plug it into the power cord or press the power button on the router’s back.

It may take some time for all lights to turn off on your router. Once the router has been turned off, plug it in again or push the button to turn it on. Your router will start blinking and will work again within a few minutes with the Wi-Fi light steady.

2. Reset the Router

Your router settings could also be causing problems with Wi-Fi, making it less reliable. Your Wi-Fi network can be disrupted if it develops bugs or other errors. It is possible to fix it by simply restoring the router’s default settings. Arris TG862 has a button on the back of your router with a reset message.

Keep the button pressed for approximately 10-15 seconds, until all lights on your router begin to blink. The router will then be reset to the default settings and the firmware will be updated as necessary. It will take a while for the router to finish its task. After that, it will give you the green light and your Wi-Fi will start working without interruptions or errors.

It might still not work after all this. You may need to take your router in for a diagnosis. There are many hardware factors that could be causing the problem.


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