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Why is Optimum Wifi So Bad?


6 Reasons Why You Have Slow Optimum Internet (With Solution)

Optimum, a well-known Internet Service Provider in America, is used by a large number of Americans. Are you an Optimum user as well? You must be familiar with the optimum slow Internet issue. This is when your internet signal drops to zero and your device cannot access the website.

Slow Optimum Internet Issues

This is, in fact, very irritating. This can happen when you are listening to your favorite music or streaming a thriller, sci-fi, or horror movie. But right at the end, your internet drops, and the movie stops.

This is a frustrating situation. If you are experiencing similar issues with your internet speed, you are in luck. We’ll be discussing why your internet is slow and what you can do about it.

Why opt for Optimum Internet drops?

First, you must determine the root cause of your speed problems. What is causing your internet slowdown or loss of connectivity? These are some simple things you can do right away.

1. Speed Test Your Internet Connection

You should first check the speed of your internet browser and download speed. You can find many internet applications that will allow you to check the speed of your internet. The app allows you to easily test both the browsing and downloading speeds. You can also estimate the speeds yourself. Use a stopwatch to track the time it takes to download various applications or browse different internet pages.

2. Faulty Modems and Routers

If you are experiencing slow internet, another thing you need to be aware of is your home WiFi router and Hotspot modems. It is often not the internet that is causing the problem, but routers and Wi Fi dongles. You should make sure you check to see if your router device is compromised or your internet modem.

3. Limits on Devices

The number of devices you connect to the internet can also play a role in your optimum slow internet speed. Most of the time, when more devices are connected to the same network, the internet speed splits, meaning that you can only use a small fraction of the speed your internet provides.

4. Saturated Connection

The saturation level of the local internet connection is another reason for slow internet speeds. This could mean that many people in your vicinity are using the same internet connection speed as you. It is possible for the internet to be slower than it should.

5. Device Failure

You may have internet speed issues with your iPad, tablet, desktop computer, or mobile phone. It is possible that your device uses an obsolete operating system.

6. Interference and Interruptions

Your internet connection may be hampered by other internet connections in your area. This could lead to a slow internet connection. You might experience slow internet speed on your smartphone or other devices if your location is far away from the servers.

Troubleshooting slow Internet

A slow internet can make it impossible to watch movies, listen to music, browse websites, or play online multiplayer games. We have some simple troubleshooting steps that you can use to fix your Optimum slow Internet issues.

1. Properly Located Routers/Hotspot Modems

Most people place their Optimum WiFi routers or Hotspots dongles where it is most likely to be in the dead zone. It means that it doesn’t receive adequate coverage, which can lead to poor internet signal strength. Try moving your Optimum Internet device to see if it affects your internet speed.

2. Avoid using public Wi-Fi

If you are someone who likes to travel a lot, and uses public Wi-Fi at various places, it is advisable to purchase your own hotspot internet device. Public internet can not only slow down your internet connection, but it also exposes your sensitive data.

3. Latest Device Version

Always use the latest iOS or Android version on your device. You will be able to have fast internet access and avoid many other issues. You don’t have to buy new devices. However, you should always make sure that your device settings are updated with the latest software.

4. More productive software

Your internet devices such as Hotspot modems or Wi-Fi routers should all be working properly. To get super-fast internet speeds, use better firmware.

5. Password protection

To avoid interruptions and unanticipated interference, make sure you have strong password protection for your internet connection. To protect your internet connection from unwelcome visitors, use a combination of upper- and lowercase alphabets with some numerical characters.


It can be frustrating to have optimum slow internet. However, you can easily fix the problem at home by following the steps above. If your problem persists, you can contact Optimum’s customer service.


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