7 Ways To Fix Comcast Email Not Sending

Emails are an essential component of daily life for adults, and when an issue such as Comcast’s inability to send emails begins to escalate, the associated strain does as well. Despite this, there is no need for you to be concerned because we have included the simple solutions in this article. You will be able to send the emails if you follow the steps outlined in this post and apply the necessary adjustments.

How To Fix Comcast Email Not Sending?

1. Spam Filter

The malfunctioning spam filter is the primary contributor to the fact that Comcast is unable to send your emails. First things first, enter the login credentials into the Comcast account so that you may sign in. After that, scroll down until you reach the users and preferences section, and then click the edit button next to the choice for the spam filter. Select “disable spam filter” from the list of available options in this section, then click the “save” button. As a direct consequence of this change, it will be simpler to send and receive emails.

2. Configure the Safety Measures

You will need to check the outgoing mail server settings for everyone who uses the emails on Outlook. This includes both you and everyone else. As a result, the security settings ought to be put into the Automatic mode. On the other hand, in the event that the auto option is unavailable, you can go with the TLS choice instead. In the past, the SSL option would work, but now TLS is required for maximum performance with outgoing mail.

3. Delete Your Account Completely

There are also instances in which the problem is not with the email account itself but rather with the mail client or with Outlook. In the event that users are concerned about this issue, it is recommended that they remove their accounts from Outlook and then add them again (you could also try recreating the accounts). After providing the login information, you will have the opportunity to select the auto-configure option. In addition to this, carry out the same procedures with the phone, and we are confident that this will rectify the situation. However, you must first ensure that the local folders have been sufficiently backed up before deleting the account.

4. A domain name or IP address

Comcast will occasionally block your account, meaning you won’t be able to send emails from whatever account you have with them. On the other hand, they will only disable the sending option if the users choose to make use of a home IP address or a dynamic IP address. Because of this, the only email server you should ever use while connected to Comcast is smtp.comcast.net for sending out emails (this is the email server). The users are required to use webmail applications in order to access this server.

5. A Connection to the Internet

It is possible to consider all of the technological difficulties, but in some instances, the problem with the email is caused by problems with the internet connection. Therefore, it is recommended to users that they check their internet connection. You could try rebooting the router if you are connecting to the internet via the wireless network. On the other hand, if you are connecting to the internet via a cellular data connection, check the settings for the network.

6. Contamination of Contacts

If the emails are still not flowing out, there is a possibility that you are attempting to send emails to contacts that have been blacklisted. You are able to view the contacts that have been blocked by accessing the blocked list. If the person is already on the blocked list, you can easily remove them from the list and resend the email.

7. Cookies and Internet cache

Comcast’s email server has an excessive amount of cookies and cache, which is one of the primary factors contributing to the problem with sending emails. Because of this, you should try to remove the cookies and cache from the internet browser that you are using to try to access the email account.

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