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Why Does My Windstream Internet Keep Disconnecting?


5 Ways To Fix Windstream WiFi Router Not Working

Windstream Holdings offers voice-over and network communication services. Their routers provide high speeds and stable internet. Sometimes, however, the Windstream router may not work due to incorrect connection settings or other reasons. Your Wi-Fi router acts as the center of all internet activity. Your entire internet connection can be affected if your router goes down. We have your back. This article will help you get your Windstream Wi-Fi router working. Follow these simple troubleshooting steps to get your Windstream Wi-Fi router working.

Why is my Windstream Wi-Fi Router not working?

The Windstream Wi-Fi Router can go down for many reasons. Your Windstream router will stop working due to network problems or poor connection.

Your router’s performance can also be affected by incorrect placement or multiple interfering devices. We will help you troubleshoot your Windstream router’s Wi-Fi router problems in the following sections. Continue reading.

Windstream WiFi Router not working?

Your internet connection will not work if your router isn’t working properly, regardless of how many times you try to restart it. You should check your router before your internet stops working.

These are the best and most tested solutions to help you with Windstream Wi-Fi router problems.

  1. Reboot or Start Your Windstream Router

Your router must be restarted first. Rebooting can be an effective and fast solution to multiple routers. Wait a few seconds to unplug the router. There is an 80% chance that your browsing speed and browsing experience will return to normal if you re-plug the router.

  1. Check if your Router is Overheated:

Routers, like all electronic devices, are susceptible to overheating. Overheated routers can cause them to stop working or even stop functioning altogether. If the router is too hot, turn it off. It should be unplugged and kept in a cool place with low temperatures.

Make sure to leave the ventilations open for your router.

  1. Verify That The Connection Is Correct:

An internet connection can be hampered by inadvertent, weak, or incomplete connections. Sometimes, we forget to pay attention.

Make sure that all connected devices are securely secured and that no plugs are missing.

  1. Move Your Router:

When you locate your Windstream router, make sure to do the following:

  • Your router should be in the most prominent position of your home.
  • It should be at the center.
  • All interfering objects, such as metals, concrete, and electronics, are removed
  • Near air Ventilation.

This way, Wi-Fi router signals can be generated at their maximum.

  1. Reset Your Router:

If none of these solutions work, you can reset your router. Press the reset button on the router.

After resetting your Windstream router, you will need to reconfigure it again.


Sometimes, your Windstream router may stop working. It doesn’t take much technical knowledge to fix it. You just need to follow the above-mentioned solutions and your Windstream router will be ready to go.


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