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Whatsapp Please Wait – Here we can see “Whatsapp Initializing Please Wait a Moment Problem”

Whatsapp does not finish initializing.

Sometimes, you may keep getting the message “Initializing”, please wait for a while. If you have transferred your sim from an Android phone to an iPhone and used WhatsApp over the iPhone for several days, this can happen. After transferring the sim to the older Android, this Initializing message will not finish and WhatsApp becomes stuck. I reached out to Whatsapp support and requested that they reinstall and uninstall WhatsApp. After installing WhatsApp, and entering my phone numbers into the WhatsApp display screen, it asks if you want to restore from a previous backup. It is the only way to retrieve your WhatsApp messages and other information. It will ask for your google account and then click to renew in Google Backup. It successfully restored the messages, and WhatsApp started working normally again. I will also be able to see all my chat background messages.

WhatsApp stuck at initializing

If you are installing WhatsApp for the first time and your WhatsApp is stuck in initializing or Whatsapp initializing please wait a moment, this could be because there are too many connections to your phone.

This dilemma was faced on HTC Desire 500 as well as on Samsung Galaxy S2.

The display will look this after you have completed initializing


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Please confirm your information before you attempt this. Contact Details“And if you have previously installed WhatsApp, please back it up.WhatsAppText, press Files and then try this.

This option is offered as-is. I am not responsible for any loss of information.

All the best

Here’s how to do it:

  1. You can’t stop using the ‘InitializingThen, visit the ‘Main MenuPress the ‘Home‘Button (this button can be different for different mobiles)
  2. WhatsApp won’t respond if you uninstall it.
  3. Go to ‘Settings” On the phone and “Switch off SyncAlternative. This will also change for different mobiles and the distinct versions of Android that you are responsible for.
    • My HTCI gave me the option to turn off Auto Sync.
    • About Samsung Galaxy, S21 could only turn off most of Sync’s choices. It will look something like this:
  4. After installing WhatsApp, you can try to Initialize it. It should do the job.
  5. You can turn off Sync.


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