What Can You Do With a Computer Science Degree?

Potential employees who can create and improve software are highly marketable in today’s economy. This makes computer science a popular field for those looking to get a job with good pay after graduation.

Computer science is a field that studies software systems. A degree in this discipline can lead to several different careers. Computer science professors say that the demand for computer scientists does not stop at Silicon Valley technology companies. Computer science graduates are being hired by many companies because of the increased use of technology in business.

Salvatore Stolfo is a professor of computer sciences at Columbia University, New York City. It’s a wonderful, great time for people who study computer science as part of their education. The sky is the limit.

A U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics April employment forecast indicates that there are more job opportunities for computer science graduates. The forecast shows that computer and information technology occupations will grow by 13% between 2016-2026. This is faster than the average for all occupations.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics data also shows that many computer science degree-holders often earn six-figure salaries. In May 2018, for example, the median computer and information researcher salary was $118,370 and $109,020 respectively. Software developers are also known for their generous salaries: the median salary they received in May 2018 was $105,590.

Byte by Byte founder Sam Gavis-Hughson says that people should not pursue a degree in computer science because they are attracted to the high salaries. Davis-Hughson has a bachelor’s in computer science from Princeton University.

Programming is only for those who are good at problem-solving. He also said, “Not everybody has that kind of analytical mind.”

Davis-Hughson acknowledges, however, that a computer science degree can be used in many industries. He wrote an email stating that “one of the best things about a (computer science) degree is its ability to allow you to work anywhere you want.” You can choose the path that you want. Programmers are needed in every industry. You could work in software development for Warby Parker, be in fashion, or for Google working on (artificial intelligence type) projects. If you’re interested in cars, you can work for big auto companies and create the software. There are many options.

Justin Sherman is a junior at Duke University North Carolina. He double-majored in computer science and politics. He believes that a computer science education can help one understand the world better, as technology plays an important role in our society.

Sherman is a cybersecurity policy fellow at New America. New America is a Washington-based think tank. “A computer science degree can help you understand how everything works and how it interacts.”

Three Reasons to Get a Graduate Computer Science Degree at the U.S. [

Sherman believes that a computer science education can provide the necessary training to create new technologies and also help to identify possible improvements to existing technologies.

Sherman sent an email saying that computer science touches all fields. Its applications and knowledge are everywhere: from automated manufacturing to disease prediction in healthcare to data privacy regulation in state legislatures to machine-readable medical records.

Computer Science Grads Looking for Jobs

Greg Law, co-founder, and chief tech officer of Undo Software Company, which is based in the U.K., says there are plenty of computer science jobs and many interesting careers for computer science degree-holders.

Law, who holds a Ph.D. from City University London in computer science, said in an email, “I would recommend computer science to anybody who feels they have or may have an affinity for it.” Programming is creative and enjoyable. It’s about problem-solving and creating. Programming is a creative role that has many benefits. The demand for programmers is high, and it’s not like other creative positions. Silicon Valley’s top tech companies routinely pay new graduates seven figures per year, with bonuses that can instantly pay off student debt.

Constantine Coutras is a professor in computer science and chairperson at the computer science department of Montclair State University, New Jersey. He encourages people who are interested in science and math to pursue a computer science degree.

These are the types of jobs where a computer science degree is an asset:

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