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4 Ways To Fix WAN Connection Down (Frontier Communications)

Modern-day life is more complicated than ever. A drop in internet connection can lead to frustration and make it difficult for many tasks to be completed. We have created this article for internet users who are experiencing problems with their WAN connection.

Signs of down WAN connections

There are many possibilities that your WAN connection may be down. Frontier will also notify you if you can’t get an IP address after you connect to the ports, or if your router doesn’t receive the IP address.

Troubleshooting Frontier WAN Connections

1. Troubleshooting the LAN and WAN Port

You can optimize your internet connection by troubleshooting the port WAN and LAN. To troubleshoot, plug the router’s power adapter into the outlet. After plugging in power, turn on the router. The LED light will change from white to green when you switch it on. Next, connect an ethernet cable to one end of the LAN port to the other end to the WAN port. The internet will start working once the LAN LED lights have been turned on.

2. Try Other Devices or Websites

You must first understand the root cause of the problem. You will need to turn on WiFi and ensure that you have the correct password and the correct SSID. You can also troubleshoot problems with the windows network diagnostic program. You can also check the adapter settings which will ask for the correct gateway address.

You can also check other websites. If another website works well, it is likely that the WAN connection is good. If this is the case, it’s best to wait for the website owners.

3. Viruses

There are high chances of malicious code and viruses being embedded in routers and computers if the WAN connection is frequently down. It is recommended that you scan your system for spyware and viruses using antivirus software. This can negatively impact system performance and web browsing experience. Windows 10 comes with a firewall built-in that offers greater protection.

4. Internet Packages

You may have reached your internet limit if your frontier internet stops working effectively or you experience slow performance. To test your internet speed, it is recommended that you use the online speed tester. This means that you may need to upgrade your internet package instead of blaming the down connection.


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