How To Activate WAN Blocking For Ubee Network?

Ubee Interactive is not only one of the most reputable mobile carriers in Taiwan, but also one of the leading providers of high-quality internet service to customers of all stripes. Ubee Interactive is located in Taiwan and is one of the greatest mobile carriers in the country. You will now have access to something that you can depend on thanks to this. If you are curious about how to enable WAN Blocking on it, Ubee Interactive, which is situated in Taiwan, is the company to contact. The following is some information that must be brought to your attention.

Understand WAN Blocking

To begin, you will need to have a solid understanding of what WAN Blocking is as well as everything else that is associated with it. It is not really difficult, and you should not have too many difficulties dealing with that. You have the ability, through the WAN Blocking feature request, to prevent other internet users who are connected through the same ISP from discovering your home network. You will essentially be connected on the same wide area network (WAN) as well as the same network.

However, the rest of the users will not be able to access your home network, isolating it from the rest of the users so that they cannot see the traffic that is on your network. This is the most effective step that you can take to protect the data and information that you might be storing on your internet connection, so make sure that you do it.

How Does One Turn On WAN Blocking For The Ubee Network?

Enabling WAN Blocking is a rather straightforward operation that does not come with a lot of extra bells and whistles to complicate matters. You will need to double check that you are configuring it appropriately before you can proceed. Simply opening the network options tab will provide a button for you to use to enable or disable WAN filtering for your Ubee network. This will prevent hackers from accessing your network or the data on it, and it will also allow you to maintain the confidentiality of your network.


While the WAN Blocking feature is active, it is impossible for anyone on the internet or your WAN to establish a connection to your personal computer (PC) or the home network at where you currently are located. Because of this, both your personal computer and the network will be safe from any kind of DDoS assault, and you will be able to be certain that your network is protected from any kind of external incursions that you could be experiencing.

You will, however, be required to reveal your IP Address to anyone with whom you intend to establish a connection via theWAN or any other network. Even for programmes that need pinging or other similar actions, you will need to grant such applications permission to access and utilise your IP Address before you can get it to function in the way that you expect it to.

Fine Print

The fine print for this is that there will not be a lot that you need to be concerned about. If you want to save some money on your network while still having the highest possible level of protection, you can get it free of charge because it is included as a standard component of Ubee subscriptions. Because of this, there is a possibility that some problems will arise, and the functionality of some of the applications may be affected. If you are willing to sacrifice part of your competitive advantage in some applications, securing your network may be the best option for you.