Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me

Verizon is one of the most popular and well-respected carriers in the US. They offer top-quality services such as phone, internet, and voice. This is why most people choose Verizon. Their signal strength is excellent in remote areas of the US. Verizon is there for you, no matter where you are located in the US. Their signal reception is available all across the US without any problems.

Verizon Voice Mail

Verizon Consumers must have received calls that had Voicemail as the caller ID. You might experience this with certain people. There are many reasons why it happens. There is nothing to be alarmed about if you receive such calls from Verizon Voicemail. If your account is working fine and you’re using it as intended, you don’t need to panic. You can call them directly for confirmation. If Voicemail is calling you, there are two options.

Verizon is calling you

Verizon can sometimes call you from the Voicemail number. It is best to confirm that the call is coming from Verizon by calling them during normal business hours. If they cannot reach you, you’ll only get a voicemail that can be heard later if it is urgent. If it is urgent, they won’t call you repeatedly. You might only receive one or two calls. Verizon will not ask for financial or sensitive information. You can follow the instructions in the voicemail if the call is genuine from Verizon. If not, contact them immediately for confirmation. They will guide you through the correct process.

Verizon Voicemail Keeps Calling Me

Verizon is very strict about its customer service policies. There are no chances they will continue calling you. Multiple calls per day from the same number claiming they are Voicemail is a sign that you have been victim to identity theft. Scammers may try to contact you. These calls are usually recorded and have a recording at the beginning to keep you from getting fishy. If you do fall for the lure, the call will be transferred to a live person who will ask you for your details.

They may be able to convince you that they are calling from Verizon because they have access to your information. If you are being called multiple times per day by Voicemail, or have fallen for such scams, it is important to verify that the calls are genuine from Verizon. You can then protect yourself from scammers once you have done that. There are several ways to do this, including:

Do not take the call

If they call you repeatedly, it is best to ignore them. If there are any issues with your account, or if they have to contact you, you can call Verizon support. You can report the calls if everything seems fine. There are small chances that hackers may have gained access to your Verizon account, and altered some settings to make it appear that something is seriously wrong. To protect your Verizon account from scammers, you will need to reset the settings and change your access credentials. Verizon can also help you resolve the problem. They will be able to reset your account from any unauthorized access and gain you back your account.

Protect your financial and personal information

If you answer the phone incorrectly or are unaware of the situation, these scammers will ask you for personal or financial information, such as your credit card number, to activate your account. They can give you a variety of excuses, such as your card number must be updated or they have a special offer they want to share with you. To sign up for the account, they will need your credit card information.

Verizon will never ask for sensitive information. If they hack into your Verizon account, they can know your last four digits, date of birth, and subscription number. You should never give any of this information to anyone on the call. Verizon should be notified immediately. You could be in serious trouble if your information is used for illegal purposes, such as to steal your money or for other criminal activities.

Staying Safe

You can avoid these calls but it is imperative that you immediately take precautionary steps if you suspect that you have been contacted by a scammer with your personal information. Change all your login credentials to your Verizon account. If you don’t recognize a transaction on your statement, you might need to contact your bank. You should also report the problem to Verizon to block any callers and to investigate the matter thoroughly to find a solution. To protect yourself against fraud, and Identity Protection Service could be a good option.

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