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Vizio Tv Broadcasting as an Unsecured Wifi Hotspot


3 Ways To Disable Vizio WiFi Broadcast

Over the course of the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of people using smart televisions. The Smart TVs have been designed by virtually every electrical manufacturer. These cutting-edge televisions were designed by all of the major brands, including LG and Samsung. Vizio was quick to follow in the footsteps of its competitors and introduce its own smart TV. On the other hand, certain models of Vizio Smart TV are prone to having a bug that causes the Wi-Fi to broadcast as an unsecured and open network.

Disable Vizio WiFi Broadcast
The adjacent gadgets hook up to the internet signal that is transmitted from the smart TV. This could potentially slow down the internet connection for the smart TV itself, which could cause buffering issues when streaming content. But you can get around this problem by turning off the wireless network broadcast. We have included a variety of techniques for turning off Wi-Fi in the post that can be found below. So, how about we have a look?

1) Resetting All Settings to Their Default Values

When you initially begin the process of setting up your Vizio Smart TV, you will have the opportunity to personalise the settings in accordance with your preferences. However, if you mess with the Wi-Fi settings, it could result in the Wi-Fi signal being broadcast. Therefore, the procedure to follow in order to disable Wi-Fi broadcasting on your Vizio Smart TV is to return it to its factory settings.

2) Hardware Method

You might need to go tool’sy if the resetting didn’t stop the Wi-Fi broadcasting once it was disabled. In this particular scenario, proceed in the following manner:

Remove your Vizio Smart TV from the wall and take off the protective coating on the back.
In addition to the 2.5GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands, there will also be a Bluetooth antenna.
You will find three cables, one black and two grey wires, during your exploration. These wires will establish a connection with the BT chip located on the right.
The chip will contain an antenna, and it is recommended that you remove the antenna using your nail in order to prevent interference.
The W-Fi broadcasting will be put to a halt as a result of this scraping.

3) TV Settings

Adjusting a few settings on your Vizio Smart TV should restore the functionality of the Wi-Fi broadcasting. In this particular scenario, you will need to carry out the tasks listed below:

Navigate to the network settings, then select WPS from the menu.
This will cause the Wi-Fi connection to be established automatically, so there is no need to hit the WPS button on your modem or router.
In this manner, the television will begin to search for signals, and when it determines that there are none present, it will severe the connection.
As soon as the connection is severed, the Wi-Fi broadcasting will be turned off.


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