Visible vs Total Wireless: What’s The Difference?

This paradigm shift has made the world very fast-paced. There are also convenient tech solutions that can make life easier. Smartphones are one such option. It is hard to find someone without a smartphone log. It is important to remember that smartphones require active communication services.

Wireless communication services are available on the market due to the increasing demand and the increased number of companies offering them. There are many options, including voice calling and data plans. However, quality will vary depending on the service provider.

People are always looking for the best service providers. If you’re in that boat, then we can talk about Visible Wireless or Total Wireless. They have been a top choice and are now the most sought-after. This article compares both companies on several metrics. Let’s find out what these companies do!

Total Wireless vs Visible

Visible Wireless

The company joined the ranks of cell phone service providers and people have high expectations for them. Customers can sign up online and receive the SIM card by mail, as the features are increasing in number. After you have received the SIM card, insert it into your phone. Then, download the app.

They have developed many plans over the years but have not lost the affordability thread. People have complained about the performance scale. In this section, we will share everything you need to know about Visible Wireless, its quality metrics, and its performance metrics.

Visible Wireless is the MVNO named after borrowing or leasing large-scale companies’ cell towers to provide services for the audience. They are however working with prepaid customers on a smaller scale. Visible Wireless is now the leasing company for mobile towers and machinery.

Experts believe that Visible Wireless is a popular choice for the younger market. Verizon plans to capitalize on this market by providing equipment and machinery to Visible Wireless. Visible Wireless’ biggest advantages are the large brand backing them and the affordable, yet unlimited plan. The services are free from speed limits or limitations.

We will be sharing some details about their services in the next section. Their packages offer unlimited data, voice, messaging, and voice. Based on the customer’s needs, location, and preferences, they offer a variety of internet services.

Further, 5G signals will be provided if 5G towers are located in an area. This will ensure that internet connectivity is seamless and voice calls are clear. Visible knows that there are limitations to data connectivity for receiving signals.

Visible Wireless has capped the streaming power at 480p. However, the data transmissions are unaffected. This means there will be a problem with browsing and gaming. Visible Wireless is a top choice because of its integrated pricing. Users don’t have to worry about additional fees or taxes.

Visible Wireless provides service in nearly every area of the country. The network coverage is quite broad and Visible Wireless can provide reliable service in most areas. However, it might not be possible to find signals in the middle of the ocean. Visible Wireless operates through Verizon. The quality and speed of the service are excellent. The hotspot data is quite adequate and there are no limitations.

The Downsides

Cons are always there. If you use Visible Wireless, the speed may drop. Because it is a small company, signals can become congested, which can lead to a decline in speed. You might also need to be mindful of video streaming limits, which are limited to 480p. However, the screen is small so it’s not that bad!

Total Wireless

This may surprise you but Total Wireless also works through Verizon’s machinery, equipment, and cell towers in a similar way to Visible Wireless. There shouldn’t be any differences, however, as the MVNOs handle the front-end services. Total Wireless has no problems with missed text sending or receiving.

There are no cases of dropping calls. You might also find signals in caves. This network coverage is a testimony to the high-quality services provided by this MVNO. It’s also a testament to how much smaller MVNOs are better than larger service providers. The data service speeds range from 5 Mbps to a maximum of 5 Mbps. This means that streaming and downloading speeds can be exceptional.

A mobile hotspot was once prohibited, but that has changed. Mobile hotspot is integral to modern life because people work wherever WiFi may not be available. It is well-designed and integrates enough to cover the majority of the country’s coverage.

The most important aspect of customer service is that users and customers can seek help from them and have their problems resolved. Customer care support is very efficient and users don’t have to wait long to receive answers. We will be addressing Total Wireless shortly.

Total Wireless’ website is, without doubt, one of the most popular on the market. This is because they have emphasized navigation and helping users, rather than focusing on fancy features. There are also rewards programs that allow users to earn add-ons or services for no cost. You can also earn points by playing games that will help you get rewards.

The Bottom Line

All network services are different in terms of coverage, performance, payment plans, quality, and price. It all comes down to user preferences and needs. We would choose Total Wireless if we had to pick, even though they are a bit more expensive. However, there is no limitation regarding the video.

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