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Forward Text Messages To Verizon (Step By Step)

Verizon is the preferred choice for those who require both wireless connections and mobile packages. The users can send and receive messages, make calls, and send them.

They can also use data packages to access the internet. Retyping messages can prove tedious when it comes to messaging. It is better to forward the messages than retyping them. We have included instructions on how to forward text messages from Verizon in this article. Take a look at these instructions!

Forward Text Messages To Verizon

First, Verizon users can send text messages and emails to their contacts. Users can send emails and messages to contacts already saved on their phones. You can also forward emails from one account. We have shown you how to forward text messages from Verizon’s mobile network.

  • First, unlock your Verizon phone and then open the main menu.
  • Move to the screen or messaging app
  • You can choose the tab you wish to forward your message from (for people who have to forward messages from inbox or sent)
  • Now press the OK button
  • Choose the text message you wish to forward
  • Click on the options to choose the forward section
  • Select the contact you wish to forward your text message to. You can also add an email address, or contact number depending on what you are forwarding.
  • After entering the email address or contact number, click the OK button
  • Finally, hit the Send button to send it to the recipient you have selected

Some people also wonder about the auto-forward text message feature that Google Fi offers while on the Verizon mobile network. You can use the SMS backup application in this situation. This third-party app is suitable for people who need to transfer text messages while switching phones. You can also choose Forward Text Message apps in the app stores for your respective phones to transfer the messages.

Forwarding text messages to

This guide is for anyone who wishes to send a text message to the shortcode using Verizon’s network. You can find the key steps in the following section.

  • Lock your phone and then open the messaging app from the menu.
  • Send the message you wish to forward.
  • Hold the message down and the menu will appear.
  • Select Forward from the menu
  • Add the recipient number (or shortcodes, if you wish to forward the message) to the next step.
  • After you have added the recipient’s contact number or code click the Send button

The Bottom Line

You can send text messages via the Verizon mobile network. You can also forward text messages to numbers. You can also forward emails to facilitate communication.



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