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Verizon Smart Family Not Working


Verizon Smart Family Not Working: 7 Ways To Fix

Verizon is a popular choice for those who need internet, phone, and communication plans. Smart Family is also available, which provides location services and parental controls for phones.

However, Verizon Smart Family’s not working error can prove to be quite exhausting. Let’s see how we can fix this problem!

Verizon Smart Family is Not Working

1 Plans

If you are using Smart Family but cannot access it, please keep in mind that the Smart Family service will not be available to those who have Just Kids plans.

2 Devices

Smart Family service users must be careful about what apps they are using. If your child uses OTT data apps such as Messenger or iMessage, you will need to manage them directly from your phone.

Smart Family is not compatible with Android tablets made by Verizon. They are unable to use text messages and calls. Smart Family won’t work if you use any of these apps or devices.

3) Account Settings

Smart Family may not work in certain cases if your wireless account does not have the correct features. You can add the Smart Family feature again to your wireless account. You can delete it if it is already there and add it again. We are confident that the Smart Family will work once it is added to your wireless account.

4) VPNs

Smart Family’s primary function is to provide better control and monitoring of other devices. If Smart Family does not work on a device, it is possible that they are connected to the VPN. To resolve this issue, take the device from the VPN and reconnect it.

5) Software update

Smart Family is a smartphone that runs on the most recent software. Users need to make sure their smartphones are up-to-date. This means that if you have a software update for your smartphone, download it and install it. Smart Family will then start to work. You must also ensure that Smart Family is updated with the most recent software.

6) App Updates

Sometimes, software updates won’t work due to outdated apps on smartphones. Users must update their smartphone apps to fix this issue. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed if the apps have been updated.

7) Comparison app

Smart Family will only work if the Companion app from Verizon is selected in your notifications menu. It is located in the settings. To do this, go to Settings and scroll down to notifications. Click on companion and turn on the notifications. Users must also ensure that Companion is selected for life mode.

Open the settings and go to the life mode. Then, tap the “turn off” option. Next, click on “Advanced” and select the app. After these steps are complete, you can access the monitoring and tracking functions for your device.


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