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Verizon Roadside Assistance Review


Verizon Roadside Assistance Review: Designed For The Car Users

You are wrong to think that Verizon is just about offering network carrier plans. They have also created other services and features, including the Verizon Roadside Assistance. But, new Verizon customers aren’t certain what this service offers. We have shared reviews of Verizon Roadside Assistance to help you make an informed decision.

Verizon Roadside Assistance Review

Verizon created this service specifically for car owners. They provide a variety of services for cars, including towing and battery charging. Roadside Assistance is available in Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico. It is both personal and rented card-eligible for the car eligibility.

You can also use your friend’s or your own phone to call the service provider. Keep in mind that you must be present at the exact location you require the service, and you can only call from the same place. It will only cost $5 per month if you have already enrolled for the line. However, if your registered mobile phone is unavailable at the location or you use an unregistered one, it will cost you $89.95. This is a huge difference! ).

Verizon Roadside Assistance offers a variety of services, including charging the battery, towing the vehicle for approximately ten miles, transportation of three gallons fuel, winching, removal and replacement of the flat tires. These services are included in the Roadside Assistance at no additional cost.

Register the vehicle to get Roadside Assistance. Many people wonder if they can get Roadside Assistance if the vehicle has been lent to someone else. The service is only available if the device number, name and location of the servicing location are verified.

Roadside Assistance coverage begins after 48 hours. If you require the service within 48 hours, the $89.95 charge will apply. You can only make four claims within a year, but there are no additional fees. There are variations in commercial rates so make sure to check before you sign up.

Many people are worried about the number of cars they can use with one registration. You can only use one vehicle with each device that you have enrolled. Roadside Assistance is not available for trailers, boats, RVs and vehicles with more than two axles/wheels. It is not recommended for limousines and emergency vehicles.

To sign up for Roadside Assistance, you just need to dial 1-87-Roadside. If you request Roadside Assistance, please share your vehicle type (inclusive color and model) as well as the location. You will be charged extra if the service required is beyond the offered services.

Roadside Assistance’s best feature is its confirmation text alert. This allows you to share information when the service is dispatched. Text alerts are sent directly to the registered number. You can also share an alternate number. You will be notified by text that the service company has been named, the phone number of the company and the estimated arrival time.

Roadside Assistance by Verizon is available on both Android and iOS. The app allows you to register your car and sign up for the services. You can only sign-up on Android phones. The rescue status tracking feature will allow you to keep an eye on your servicing car.

The Bottom Line

We are honest and say that Verizon Roadside Assistance provides the best service for those who are stuck on the road. There are limitations on car models and issues with mobile registrations to be aware of.



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