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Verizon Port Forwarding Not Working (8 Ways To Fix)

In the last few years, the internet has been a vital part of every person’s daily life. Technology has advanced, which has led to many technicalities. Port forwarding, which is a network address translation application that redirects communication requests from one port to the next port, is an example of this.

This will allow the router or firewall to traverse the network gateway. Port forwarding is not always easy. Port forwarding configuration depends on your router. However, it can be difficult to set up. We have provided a variety of troubleshooting tips if port forwarding doesn’t work for you with Verizon. Take a look at these tips!

Fix Verizon Port Forwarding Not Working

1 Multiple Routers

It can cause problems with the port forwarding function if you use more than one router at once. Users don’t know if multiple routers are being used at the same time. You can verify it using the steps below, such as:

  • Log in to your router and open the status page. This will allow you to access the internet and the WAN IP address. This IP address should look similar to the one on the tester page.
  • If the IP addresses are different, it is likely that you are using the local address. This would indicate that you are connected with another router.
  • You will need to use another address to log into your router.
  • Visit the DMZ Page
  • After adding your IP address, enable the DMZ
  • Save your settings and you are done

2) The wrong IP Address

The port forwarding problem may not be caused by multiple routers. There are high chances you are using an incorrect IP address. Most routers only allow you to add the IP address last part. Some routers allow you to enter your entire IP address. This can cause confusion for users. It is important to distinguish between WAN and LAN IP addresses and ensure that you add the correct IP address.

3) Firewall Configurations

Modern routers integrate the best firewall options. Some routers do not allow you to establish a new connection, even though port forwarding has been enabled. It is recommended to turn off firewalls or use the minimized settings. Because routers are hardware-based firewalls, this won’t pose a threat to the computer. Just adjust the firewall settings and port forwarding will begin to work.

4) Broken Windows Firewall

Windows has built-in firewalls, it’s obvious. Post forwarding will suffer if the firewall doesn’t work properly, is corrupted or broken. This indicates that the Windows firewall is experiencing a WMI problem. Even if the WMI is disabled, this can cause problems with port forwarding. You need to resolve the problem and assure that the firewall problems are solved.

5) Wrong Type of Connection

There are many routers that offer multiple connections options. It is important to ensure that your router is connected to the correct WAN connection. To optimize your IP address, you need to have the correct WAN connection. You should also enter the IP address for the port test page. This combination of the IP address and correct connection to the WAN will have a positive impact on port forwarding.

6) Computer name

Port forwarding requires that you provide the computer name regardless of whether the router or modem is involved. There are possibilities that your computer name may be added to multiple routers, which will cause each name to point to different IP addresses. Make sure that you choose the correct computer name to ensure that the IP address direction has a positive effect on port forwarding.

7) The Same Port

Most routers do not have port checks to check if the port forwarding rules are working. Important to remember that only one port can forward one IP address. Port forwarding won’t work if you have multiple ports numbers on your router. Port forwarding will work if you have only one port number.

8) DMZ

Post forwarding will be difficult if the DMZ is disabled. Enabled DMZ will allow ports to be opened, which can cause connectivity problems. Disable the DMZ immediately!


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