Verizon – How To Change Voicemail From Spanish To English?

Verizon is the best network carrier and has developed plans to cater for the various needs of their customers. A voicemail feature allows users to access important messages even if they are unable to answer their calls.

Some Verizon customers are having trouble with voicemail issues. They don’t know how they can change their voicemail from Spanish into English. We will share everything you need to know in this article!

How to Change Voicemail from Spanish to English

Voice Mail System

Method One

This is the best and most efficient way to change the voicemail settings from Spanish into English. You will need to use the voicemail system in this instance and follow the steps below.

  • First, dial 888-234-66786 to reach the voicemail system.
  • The new window will now open
  • Enter your password
  • Press 4 to open the personal options
  • To open your personal profile, press one more time
  • Next, press two to select the Change Language option
  • Select one, and the English language will automatically be assigned

Method Two

You will use the voicemail system again in this instance, but the steps are slightly different. Follow the steps below.

  • First, dial 888-234-66786 to open the voicemail system.
  • On the new screen, enter your password
  • The personal options settings will be opened by pressing four
  • Press 2 and the administration option opens up
  • To open the general menu, press one
  • Press five to change the language
  • To select English, press two
  • Just press # at the end to save your settings

Because Verizon models can be different, we have included two methods to the section.

Changing the Language in Voicemail Greetings

Some people can change the voicemail language to English, but not the greeting language. We have provided the steps to help you change the voicemail greeting language.

This will change the greeting language from Spanish into English. You can also change the language via the voicemail tab. You can access this voicemail tab through the Verizon website.

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