4 Ways To Fix T-Mobile Unknown Address Message Not Found

The users of mobile phones who make use of text messaging applications have, at some point or another, experienced the peculiar occurrence of receiving the notification “Message Not Found” on their SMS application. This is one of the most widespread faults, and it typically manifests itself in android-based mobile devices. This mistake can occur independently of the mobile phone service provider that you use, and it can even take place if you are a customer of T-Mobile.

The Cause of a T-Mobile Message Saying the Unknown Address You Provided Was Not Found
If you examine this message in greater detail within your SMS app, you will find that it was sent from an unknown sender, which may lead you to believe that this message is an example of spam. However, this message is not spam, and there are typically two reasons why you would receive a message like this in the first place.

You may have blocked Unknown Senders through the mobile SMS application on your phone, which is one of the primary reasons why you are getting messages sent to an unknown address. If you block it, the message from the unknown sender will still arrive on your phone, but it will be in the form of a ghost message.

However, the second reason that you are receiving this message is that an SMS has Hung Up during the transmission, and the data packets of this message haven’t been delivered properly because your T-Mobile service is experiencing some kind of trouble.

Four Simple Solutions to Common Problems

The first option is a soft reboot.

Keep holding down the power button on your phone until the option to access the menu appears on your screen.
Choose the option to Restart from the drop-down menu.
Attend the completion of the phone’s restart.
After the device has been restarted, check to see if the message is still displayed on the phone.

Method 2: Perform a Cold Start

You can access this menu by holding down the power button on your device for an extended period of time.
Choose the option to turn off the device from the menu.
You are need to wait half a minute before turning the phone back on once it has been turned off.
After the thirty seconds have passed, restart your phone and check to see if the notification has been cleared.

Method 3: Repeat the T-Mobile Sim Card Setup Process.

There are times when the issue might be fixed by withdrawing your SIM card and then reinserting it.

To begin, you have to power down your phone by pressing and holding the power button until the appropriate choice shows on the menu.
After turning off your phone, you are need to remove the phone’s case before you can proceed.
With the use of the pin, remove the SIM card from the phone.
Simply using a wipe or a soft cloth, you can give your T-mobile sim card a quick and easy cleaning.
Replace your SIM card into the phone’s slot, then turn the device on.
Examine the situation to see if the issue is still present.
However, if the issue is not resolved after attempting the previous steps, you will need to go to the final step.

Method 4: Resetting to Factory Defaults

Because it has the potential to delete all of the information on your phone, it should be your very last resort.

To begin, you will need to navigate to the Settings menu on your mobile device.
Make a factory reset on your phone by going into the settings menu and selecting backup and reset.
You will be presented with the option to Erase Everything; select this choice.
Let your phone restart completely until it deletes all of the data on its own.
We hope that this information helped you find a solution to the issue you were having with T-message Mobile’s not found for an unknown address.

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