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What is Computer Information Systems?

Computer Information Systems is the use of technology to manage the needs of businesses. This will allow you to put your technical skills into practice in a business setting. Computer Information Systems students learn how to use IT systems in companies to solve operational problems.

Computer Information Systems degrees are similar to those in Information Technology but cover a wider range of topics including business. You will be able to work in any industry and any geographic region. This is good news for those who are trying to decide between a business degree and a cis one. You may be able to choose from both. The cis degree helps students apply their technical knowledge to business-related tasks.

Computer Information Systems Careers

  • Software Developer A software developer is responsible to design, create and update computer programs. They assess the needs of their clients and develop software to accomplish those tasks.
  • Systems Administrator – A system administrator is responsible for maintaining a computer network or system by making sure that it functions well, is up to date, and is being used effectively.
  • Programmer Analyst A programmer analyst creates program code to customize and develop computer applications for clients.
  • Web Developer: The primary tasks of a web developer are to design, program, and implement functional websites for clients.

The table below shows common jobs and information for people who have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Science. This is according to Payscale.

Career Median Annual Salary
Software Developer $52,903
Systems Administrator $61,042
Programmer Analyst $74,000
Web Developer $52,000

Computer Information Systems Career Skills

There are certain skills you need to succeed in the computer information systems field. Although basic computer knowledge is an excellent starting point, you will need other skills to succeed in your job. These are additional skills that you will need to pursue a computer science degree.

  • Computer Coding: Strong background
  • Written/Oral Communication Skills
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem Solving Abilities
  • Organizational Skills

What’s Computer Science?

Computer Science is the study and application of programming and computation. Computer science degrees will equip you with the skills necessary to start a career in programming or coding. This degree will give you a solid understanding of the theories behind creating programs and applications.

Computer science and computer information systems may be compared. Although the degrees are similar, computer science programs usually give students a deeper and more complex understanding of the design and implementation of computational processes and computers. Computer science majors can expect to be more familiar with the technical and operational aspects of computing technology.

Computer science degrees will require you to be proficient in math as you are required to understand the algorithms that make code run. As you will be modeling, analyzing, and manipulating data, you will also need to have analytical skills. You will likely work alone, using complex algorithms and writing code to improve computer processes.

Computer Science Careers

  • Software Engineer: A software engineer develops new software or updates existing software that is installed on computers and other devices.
  • Information Security Analyst – An information security analyst detects and protects data and private information to identify cyber threats.
  • Database Administrator: A database administrator oversees a company’s database, protects it from threats, performs necessary updates, and generally maintains the database to ensure that the company runs smoothly.
  • Computer Hardware Engineer A computer hardware engineer designs, repairs, and updates the hardware that computers and other devices need to function.

According to Payscale, the following are common career paths and ranges for employees with a degree.

Career Salary
Software Engineer $83,483
Information Security Analyst $70,640
Database Administrator $71,725
Computer Hardware Engineer $81,139

Computer Information Systems Career Skills

Whatever your chosen specialty in computer information systems, certain skills will help you succeed in every career.

  • Analytical Thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Problem-Solving Abilities
  • Programming Language Knowledge

What’s Information Technology?

Information Technology refers to the practical application and management of technology. Many businesses have an IT team that manages the company’s IT assets and infrastructure. Computer Science and Information Technology are two different things. Computer scientists create and maintain the software programs IT professionals use.

IT specialists apply what they know about computers to businesses of all sizes. A business’s IT team usually includes specialists in software development, network security, and desktop support.

Although you won’t be able to program in-depth, the Information Technology degree programs will teach you basic programming skills. You can also choose to specialize in database management, security, or networking. IT careers will allow you to interact with your coworkers and help them solve technical problems at work.

IT students should be person-oriented and patient. Positive working relationships can be fostered by having good customer service skills. This is crucial because your coworkers will depend on you to maintain the company’s technology.

Information Technology Careers

  • Technical Support Specialist – A technical support specialist is an entry-level position in the information technology industry. They are expected to have a basic understanding of technology to assist customers with software/hardware problems and educate them about current technological trends.
  • IT Project Manager: A project manager in IT is responsible for implementing and maintaining a company’s technological goals.
  • Network Engineer: A network engineer oversees the company’s network and computer infrastructure to maximize online productivity.
  • IT Consultant: An IT consultant is someone who works independently or for a company. They provide technical advice to clients to improve and adapt to their work environment.

Here are some examples of common career options and information about salaries for students majoring in Information Technology. These are according to Payscale.

Career Salary
Technical Support Specialist $49.350
IT Project Manager $84,315
Network Engineer $65,000
IT Consultant $75,993

Information Technology Career Skills

There are certain skills you need to succeed in information technology careers. Although basic computer knowledge is an excellent starting point, you will need other skills to succeed in your job. These are additional skills that you will need to have an information technology degree.

  • Project Management
  • Software Knowledge
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem Solving Abilities
  • Technical Skills

GMercyU’s Path to Success

Gwynedd Mercy University offers a bachelor’s in Computer Information Science. This degree evolves with technology and will ensure that you have the latest skills and knowledge to get a job in your chosen field. You can find classes and projects to suit your career goals, regardless of whether you are interested in Computer Information Systems, Information Technology, or Computer Science.

GMercyU allows students to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science. Students can choose to focus on business, computer forensics, or web and multimedia design. It is important to choose a program that is up-to-date in the ever-changing field of computing. You have the option to choose concentrations in multimedia and web design, math, or computer forensics. There will be opportunities for you to get involved in projects beyond the classroom. These include ethical hacking or computer builds. These hands-on experiences will give you the skills you need to achieve your career goals in any specialty.


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