U-verse Not Available At This Time: 3 Ways To Fix

AT&T needed to be more competitive in order to keep up with the competition. You can also subscribe to TV service from other carriers, or you can use a package you already have for all your home needs like internet and telephone.

AT&T U-Verse is their TV service. It has all the essential features one could want for a streaming TV service. You don’t need to worry if you get errors like U-verse not being available at the moment. It can be easily fixed.

U-verse is not available at this time

1) Do a complete Reboot

To fix the problem permanently, you’ll need to do a complete reboot of your Uverse system. There are many components to the U-verse system and you must ensure that you understand them all. You will need to disconnect the Gateway cable from your DVR in order to perform a complete reboot of your U-verse.

There might be other components that are attached to your DVR, such as WAP and Wireless receivers. You should carefully remove all equipment. You will also need to remove the power plug.

After unplugging all wires from your DVR box’s computer, allow it to sit for between 15 and 30 seconds. This will ensure you get the complete reboot. Plug in all connections and your DVR will automatically reboot to the default settings. You can then use U-Verse without any errors.

2 Check your cables and connectors

You should also remember that cables and connectors can become loose or corroded over the years, which can lead to other problems. After removing the DVR box’s connections, inspect each connector carefully to ensure there is no corrosion or damage.

You will now need to properly fix them and ensure that they are securely tied. Also, ensure that your cable isn’t damaged or bent at any point which could cause disruption to your service.

Contact AT&T

There are many other factors that could be involved, including your account or temporary problems with their server end. Contact support to resolve the problem. They will be able diagnose any hardware or software issues and offer a solution that will allow you to continue using AT&T U-Verse without any problems.

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