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Top Android Phone Hacking Applications Without Root


With the massive increase in smartphone sales, Android has become the most popular mobile operating system. Hacking apps for Android are increasing in popularity, both on rooted and non-rooted phones. We have listed the top Android hacking apps. These software are available for hackers and tech enthusiasts. This post includes Wi-Fi and phone hacking apps. You can access any Android hacking software that suits your needs.

These are the top Android hacking apps that you can download for your smartphone starting in 2019. We have listed the download links and ratings for each app so you can download it quickly and easily. If you want to root your Android smartphone before installing the hacking tools, this tutorial will help.


AndroRAT stands to Android and remote management tools. This hacking tool is completely free and was originally released as a server program. This amazing application allows you remote control Android and retrieve information from it. You will need to reboot your Android phone in order to access the application. You can also call and use SMS to trigger the server connection.


Zimperium has launched ZANTI, an Android hacking app. Software can be used for many purposes, such as penetration testing and other tasks. This amazing test kit allows security professionals to quickly scan the network. This amazing toolkit can be used by IT professionals to detect many malicious techniques.

This application contains modules like network mapping, port discovery and sniffing, packet manipulations, DoS, MITM, etc.


cSploit allows you to quickly specify local hosts, find weekly signals and exploits and crack WiFi passwords. You can also install backdoors and other security features with ease. These features make cSploit the Android OS’s most advanced IT security toolkit.


Faceniff can be used for hacking and advanced applications. Faceniff receives information via Wi-Fi network cookies, and allows the hacker unauthorized access to people’s accounts. Faceniff is a tool that allows you to hack into any user’s social media accounts, and track their activities on any hacking website. Faceniff allows you to easily manage and control websites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Faceniff can be used to access the personal account of another person via Android devices. To access websites and calls, you can configure and modify your Android phone easily.


This advanced tool acts as a traffic snipper. It supports 3G FroYo tethered WiFi. If your smartphone has been rooted, you can also use the TCPdump command. This advanced tool is useful for security professionals and hackers.


This application is made for security analysts who are interested in playing with Wi-Fi networks. It can hijack web sessions through the network and supports almost every service and website.

The application opens and begins monitoring all WiFi network traffic. It also starts collecting information from active profiles. You can also easily monitor the LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts of other users.

Droidsheep Guard

Droidsheep Guard, an advanced application that can be downloaded to your Android system’s WiFi network, is available. This application can be used for hacking Snapchat, Amazon and Facebook. You can also deactivate the target WiFi network based on your preference. This site can be used to provide security systems for your network. You can adjust your settings and searchability on the main page.


Another top hacking program is this one. This tool can provide a variety of information about network traffic, phone calls, SMS and APK as well as information leaks to various websites. The application also allows you to view the behavior and package of Android apps.


This program allows users to reverse engineer. This program allows users to gain deep insight into graphics and other functions. This application allows users to easily access any Android application’s source code. They can also view the DEX code that can be used to remove credit.


Hackode is a great application for hacking. This application contains many tools that can be used by IT professionals and ethical hackers. Hackode has three modules called Security Feed Recognition, Scanning, and Scanning. There are many functions available, including SQL Injector and Whois, DNS-looking scanning. IP, MX records. DNS, Google Hacking. DNS Dif. RSS Feed security. Exploits. This application will not ask for your personal information.


These were the top Android hacking apps in 2019. We have provided links to each app so that you can download them and hack Android applications. The interface of the above application is simple and clear. You can choose and download the right application for you.


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