5 Ways To Fix TCL Roku TV Light Blinking

Smart homes have become the preferred option, and this comes with the challenge of locating the ideal television. TCL TV is an excellent option, and they have included high-end features. People are also utilising Roku with TCL to watch their favourite 4K content. Others, on the other hand, are having trouble with the TCL Roku TV light flashing issue and are dissatisfied. So, let’s have a look at what we can do about it!

The Meaning of TCL Roku TV Light Blinking
When the light on the TCL Roku TV blinks, it implies the TV is attempting to connect to the network connection, which is causing the connection to slow down. There are, however, simple tweaks that will improve connectivity.

1) The Signal Power

To begin with, if the TV is unable to connect to the network, there is a potential that the signal will be faint. In this instance, make sure that both your Roku device and your TV are receiving the proper signals. You’ll need to do the speed test to evaluate your internet connection and speed for this. It’s necessary since Roku and TCL TV both require a high-speed internet connection to function effectively. So, try reconnecting with a stronger internet connection.

2) Change Your Password

There’s a risk that network credential issues exist even if the internet connection is acceptable and the signal strength is strong. As a result, we recommend that you re-establish your network connection. In this scenario, you’ll need to create new login credentials, such as a name and password, for the network. Simply connect TCL to Roku after resetting the network, and it will turn on without the flickering light issue.

3) Interferences caused by electronic devices

When the Roku device is clogged with too many technological devices, it will act out. That is, electronic impulses and frequencies can tangle with one another, causing light flashing problems. Remove any extra electrical devices from the vicinity of Roku and TCL TV, and the gadgets will begin to function again. To put it another way, eliminate all interferences, particularly microwave ovens!

4) A network cable

If you’re still having trouble connecting your TCL TV to Roku, try removing other wires and replacing them with ethernet cables. The ethernet cable is more effective in transmitting signals, and signal intrusion will be avoided. If you already have ethernet cables, we recommend that you inspect them for physical damage and replace them with new ones if necessary.

5) Restart Roku

We recommend rebooting the Roku in addition to changing the ethernet wires because it helps refresh the signals. As a result, networking will become more clear and simple. With that said, you can reboot the Roku by removing the power cable and re-inserting it two minutes later. It will take about five minutes for Roku to establish a proper connection, after which the light blinking problem will be resolved!

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