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TCL TV Flashing Colors: 6 Ways To Fix

If you have a good television, nothing beats the excitement of catching up on the newest episodes of your favourite shows or movies. This is due to the fact that TVs have the ability to either enhance or ruin the entire experience. Therefore, TCL TVs are the go-to option for those looking for a truly remarkable viewing experience. Despite this, some customers are having trouble with their TCL TV flashing colours, which may be quite captivating. If you are experiencing problems with colours flashing, then the solutions to those problems have been included in this post.

TCL TV Displaying Flashing Colors: Possible Solutions

1) The frequency of display updates

TCL TVs are built with a resolution that is of the highest quality and images that are vivid. This is the primary justification for why the functionality that allows for automatic display refresh rate is enabled by default. It is possible that this is the cause of the colours flashing on the television in various situations. You can disable the automatic adjustment on your TCL TV by following the procedures that are listed below, which include the following:

To begin, click the gear icon to access the settings and then navigate to the System tab.

Advanced display settings can be accessed by selecting “advanced system settings” and then clicking “next.”

To disable the auto-adjust display refresh rate feature, click on the menu item of the same name.

2) Resetting to Default

You can perform a factory reset if the issue continues to occur after trying other troubleshooting steps. This is because when you perform a factory reset, the settings will be changed to 720p. This is due to the fact that a resolution of 1080p is more likely to cause problems. This resolution issue is typically brought on by the outdated system; therefore, the only thing that can be done is wait for the office TCL to be updated.

3) Self-Test Mode

In the event that a TCL TV is operating in the self-test mode, the display may become distorted, and the colours may appear off. Therefore, if you want to turn off the self-test mode, you need follow the steps that are listed below:

Take the remote control and hit the button that looks like an up arrow.

After that, select the downward-pointing arrow button.

Now, disconnect the power cable from your television for ten seconds.

Replace the plug in the power source.

If you give the TV 10 seconds, there is a possibility that the problem with the flashing colour will be fixed.

4) Wires for the Inputs Are Loose

To ensure that the issue with the colours flashing quickly is resolved in the shortest amount of time possible, one must select cables of a good quality and plug them in securely. This is due to the fact that unsecured input wires might cause the display to be distorted or cause colours to strobe. In this scenario, you need to check the back of the television to ensure that the wires are plugged into the appropriate ports. Additionally, you need to check the audio wires and ensure that each one is firmly plugged into its respective port.

5) Speakers

To suggest that technological advancement is not without its costs is not entirely inaccurate. This is something that we are bringing to your attention since, if you have installed speakers in the vicinity of the TCL TV that have magnets built in, this could be the reason of the colour and display issue. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you move away from the speakers as well as any other kind of magnet that promises a high-end display.

6) The Video Input Is Damaged

Since watching videos is the primary purpose of a television, its video inputs really need to be of good quality and functionality. In light of the foregoing, it is important to note that the problem with the colour changing and flashing could be caused by faulty or unclean USB, HDMI, RGB, and coax cables. In this particular scenario, it is imperative that any and all video inputs be unplugged and thoroughly cleaned. In order to have a clear display, simply disconnect the cables from the ports, give them a thorough cleaning, and then reconnect them.


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