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Suddenlink Packet Loss


4 Ways To Fix Suddenlink Packet Loss

You may experience different problems when using the internet. There are many issues that can occur when you use an internet connection. The most important thing is when packet loss occurs. Many Suddenlink users have experienced packet loss in recent months.

Internet data travels as packets. A packet loss occurs when the receiver cannot understand the data received because it is not complete or arrived incorrectly. This article will help you to resolve these issues.

Causes of Suddenlink Packet Lost

There are many issues that can be caused by packet loss. These issues can vary depending on the connection and conditions. We have listed some of the most frequent causes and solutions for packet loss in this article.

Hardware Damaged

Sometimes, the problem is with the hardware that you use to connect to the internet. Most likely, the problem is with your modem.

Before you call your internet provider, make sure you check the hardware that you use to connect to your internet.

Wi-Fi Usage

Wi-Fi use can also lead to packet loss. There are many factors that can cause packet loss when using a wireless network. It could be interference from other wireless devices or distance from the router. Although it sounds strange, thick walls can also cause packet loss. This can cause packet loss. To fix it, move your wireless device to the center of your home.

Outdated software

Every day there are new updates in the world of today. If you don’t have the update flowing, it is likely that you are using an outdated program. This can lead to low bandwidth or packet loss. This issue can be solved by updating your software as per the suggestions of your personal computer or mobile device. This will help to reduce packet loss.

Changing the Suddenlink Modem

Old modems are a common cause of packet loss. Suddenlink offers new modems that can keep up with modern internet usage. If you’re unable to resolve your packet loss or want to enjoy better gaming and movies then go to your nearest Suddenlink customer centre to request a new modem.

A new modem can improve your internet connection and resolve all issues such as packet loss.


This article will help you if you are facing problems with packet loss. We have provided some great solutions to packet loss problems in this article. These methods will ensure that you do not suffer from any future packet loss. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section.


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