Suddenlink Lifetime Deal – Is It Worth It?

Suddenlink is a top choice for those who require entertainment and internet services. However, users are complaining about rising bills and high fees. Some users are considering Suddenlink Lifetime Deal because it is an attractive option. We are going to share everything about it in this article!

Suddenlink Lifetime Deal !

Life Rates

Suddenlink has created a new pricing strategy. It is available on the special offer page. This applies to internet-only services only. This means that 1GB unlimited data costs $69.99 and 400Mbps unlimited data costs $39.99. The price is per year. It also comes with $50 Amazon Gift Cards. If you bundle the TV and internet together, you will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

Limited Time Deal

The price for this deal is $75 per month, and it will continue to be the same throughout your entire life. The bill does not include taxes or additional charges. A $50 Amazon Gift Card is also available. You can stream 4K Ultra-HD and HD videos simultaneously on multiple devices, with an internet speed of up to 940Mbps.

Users can also opt for music streaming and video chatting to download large files with no lag in internet speed. The data amount is unlimited and you don’t need to sign an annual contract. You will receive the lifetime guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Upload Speed is around 50Mbps. However, speed can vary depending on where you are located. The unlimited data speed may be affected by network congestion. Suddenlink does not provide any warranty regarding the wireless network’s speed or performance. The installation is free for standard installations, but the modem comes with an additional $10 monthly lease.

The network enhancement fees cost $3.5. The surcharge and tax added to your bill is quite intriguing. Suddenlink claims that they have the ability to change these factors’ prices at any time. This can increase your bill, so be aware.

Amazon Gift cards are only available to users who have not received any payments or returned payments within the past three months. This is quite bizarre. Suddenlink claims that they have the power to alter the price without notice. What kind of “price-for-life” is this? There are many loopholes in the plan, so be aware when signing up!

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