Suddenlink Orange Light: 5 Ways To Fix

Suddenlink is a top-quality option for those who require a modem, and they’ve created the Suddenlink modem. Some users are expressing concern about the Suddenlink orange light, but they don’t know what it means. This article will explain what this orange light means and how to fix it!

Suddenlink Orange Light – The Meaning

The Suddenlink router’s orange light indicates that the wireless connection has been temporarily disabled due to the wireless schedule. This issue can be fixed easily by following these troubleshooting steps!

1 Wireless Schedule

The official Suddenlink website has a wireless schedule. You can access it and view the wireless schedule. This schedule can’t be modified because Suddenlink changes it when necessary. You can only wait if your wireless schedule is affected.

2) Network Reset

If the wireless schedule is not met and the orange light doesn’t go out, it is time to reset the network. You can reset the network by removing the power cable from your modem and all cables connected to other routers and networking devices. Simply put, disconnect the power cable from all devices connected to the modem.

Keep the power cables exposed for at least 30 seconds. This is the minimum time required to reboot the devices. The connectivity problem will be solved and internet speed will improve.

3 Coaxial Cables

Sometimes, the coaxial cable may be the problem. This means that you will need to disconnect the coaxial cables from both the main cable outlet and the modem. The continuity of the signals can be checked with a multimeter. You should replace the coaxial cables if there are any issues.

If the cables look good, you can reattach the coaxial cables and then reboot the modem. It is likely that the problem will be resolved.

4) Reboot

Rebooting tends to resolve most issues. The orange light is just one example. We recommend that you disconnect the router and modem cords. The reboot will eliminate static buildup and help to get rid of electricity. These issues will be gone and you can use the internet again.

5) Ethernet Cables

The modem and router are connected by ethernet cables. You will need to remove the ethernet cables from the modem and connect it to the computer or laptop. It bypasses modem problems and streamlines the network. You will then be able to use the internet.

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