Xfinity Error: Started unicast maintenance ranging – no response received (3 Ways To Fix)

There are no doubts about the fact that Xfinity has one of the most secure networks in the entire United States. Each of their characteristics, including latency, speed, connectivity, and uptime, is exceptional in every manner. However, no network can be guaranteed to operate flawlessly because it is dependent on a large number of mechanical and electrical components that can fail in a variety of ways. For their communication equipment, Xfinity makes use of a range of cables, including coaxial, Ethernet, and fibre optic lines.

Coaxial cable is arguably the most widely utilised cable in the United States because it has been around for a long time and has been a part of our home infrastructure since it was first installed. Although there are better solutions, coaxial cable in conjunction with Xfinity routers and modems provides you with the same level of speed and connectivity to power all of your home electronics, including telephones, televisions, Smart TVs, and PCs, without sacrificing quality.

Logs of Errors

One of the most useful features of Xfinity routers and modems is the ability to create an error log, which can be used to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may be causing problems with your internet connection. If you connect any device to your modem or router, you will be able to access the error logs, which will keep track of all of the mistakes and problems on your computer.

If you are connecting to the internet via a coaxial connection and are unable to connect, despite the fact that everything else appears to be working properly, you should investigate the error log on your router/modem.

There was no response to the Unicast Maintenance Ranging when it was started.

If you are using a coaxial cable to connect to an Xfinity modem or router, this is one of the most typical problems you can encounter. The frequency of this problem can vary because it can occur on an irregular basis and then automatically resolve itself, allowing you to continue functioning as if nothing had happened. You may also have this issue on a regular basis, such as many times a day, or you may experience a constant error with no internet connectivity at all.

While the first one is something you can live with and fix later when you have the opportunity, the second one might be a real inconvenience for you, and you want to get it resolved as soon as possible in order to be connected to the internet again. The issue must be diagnosed by some equipment in order to be resolved, but first you must determine what is causing the error to occur.

Xfinity Error: Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging – No Response Received can be caused by a number of factors.
This issue can occur for a variety of reasons, one of which is that you are utilising a coaxial connection for your internet reception and it is experiencing some interference. It is possible that the noise will cause your internet data or information that is being carried through the cable to not function properly, and you will experience this problem with your connectivity. Although coaxial cable is effectively insulated from noise by numerous layers of insulation, nothing can prevent the inevitable.


If you have a basic understanding of wires and cables, troubleshooting such problems will not be a major burden for you at all. You can take the following measures to ensure that your network is always connected.

1) Check the cable’s condition.

You must make certain that your coaxial cable is not broken at any point or that it does not have any sharp bends in it at all. This can produce a disruption in the data flow, which may result in the occurrence of such mistakes. Also, make certain that the upper rubber coating of your coaxial cable is in good condition and that it does not come into contact with any metal at any time. Some other coaxial cables in a bundle may also be causing you to experience the problem, and you should double-check this to ensure that you are no longer experiencing the problem.

2) Inspect and replace connectors as necessary.

Such failures on your modem/router might also be caused by a defective connector at any point in the system. To ensure that you have the best possible internet access, you must make sure that no connector is damaged or does not function at any point during the installation process. If there is any physical evidence of damage on your connector, you will need to replace that connector before it can function properly.

3) Get in touch with Xfinity.

Then you will need to contact Xfinity since they may need to replace your modem/router if none of the troubleshooting options listed above were successful. It may take some time for the Xfinity support team to identify and resolve the problem, but they will offer you with a long-lasting solution.

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