4 Ways To Fix Sprint Error 96

Sprint was one of the largest mobile carriers in the United States; however, it has since merged with T-Mobile, making it one of the smallest. Nevertheless, there are Sprint customers and subscribers that are able to use the service, and you can take full benefit of having a robust and quick network to power your mobile devices by signing up for Sprint.

They are also quite inexpensive, and you don’t need to worry much when using their network for the many various kinds of communication needs that you might have. This company can accommodate most of your communication requirements. There are very few faults, but in the event that you are confronted with Error 96 on your Sprint connection, the following is a list of the troubleshooting steps that you will need to take.

How to Fix Sprint Error 96?

1. What is Sprint “Error 96”?

To begin, you will need to determine what the issue means. Typically, this error occurs because your mobile device, in this case a cellphone, is unable to communicate with the text messaging servers at the Sprint end for whatever reason.

That would imply that you won’t be able to send or receive any messages on your cellphone, and instead, you’ll find yourself staring at this error message instead. If you are seeing the error message 96 on your screen, you can fix the issue by following the steps outlined in this article.

2. Restart your phone

When beginning the process of troubleshooting, you need to keep in mind that there may be a defect or error with the settings, or there may simply be another problem connecting with the network. Either of these possibilities may be the cause of the issue. Therefore, in order to get rid of any and all of these problems, you will need to make sure that you power down the phone and then power it back up again.

Your phone will be triggered to connect with the network servers again after you have cycled the power, and this will resolve any issues that you may have been having with your phone.

3. Make sure you check your allowances.

Make sure that you have sufficient allowances for the text messages as well, as this is another aspect that you will need to watch out for and take care of carefully. If you have a post-paid connection, it goes without saying that you need to have the appropriate allowances, and if you have a pre-paid connection, the credit in your account needs to be sufficient if you want to be able to send and receive text messages.

Consequently, you will need to check on your account, and doing so will be of tremendous assistance to you in ensuring that you won’t have to deal with any issues related to your Sprint connection in the future.

4. The mode of service

Your Sprint connection grants you access to a network service mode, giving you additional customization options. You will need to press “*#*#4535#*#* on your keypad in order to gain access to that. Once you have done so, it will take you to the service mode. You will have to navigate to the “phone details” part of that page, and once you’ve done so, you will have to “switch on SMS over IMS.”

After you get that figured out, you can hit the button labelled refresh, and then tap the button labelled update, and that will permanently preserve the settings for you. After that, you won’t have to be concerned about a thing regarding the error message or any difficulty that may have been occurring with your SMS.