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Spotify is Not Responding Desktop


Spotify is a popular media player that offers music, podcasts, and video streaming services. It’s available on several operating systems including Android, iOS, and macOS.

It runs on all major operating systems. You might experience errors when using the app on Windows. You will often see the error ” Spotify is not responding”

When you meet Spotify, that’s when it all begins.App not responding to you will not be able to use the service due to an error

Spotify doesn’t respond to my requests

Spotify can’t respond to all your requests for information. Spotify may not respond to your request for help.

  • Updates have been made to the app
  • Your antivirus program does not recognize Spotify.
  • Driver error on your computer
  • Spotify is not compatible for Windows computers.

An error could result from a bug, software and hardware problems, or an inability to launch the desktop app.

Spotify app not functioning?

If the app is not opening, there are many solutions.

1. Restart your computer

It might seem easy to restart your computer. This is the easiest method to fix Spotify not working.

It can also be used to remove unimportant, temporary and random data which slows down your application. It will prevent memory leaks and increase your system’s speed.

2. Examine your firewall and antivirus program.

Antivirus software programs are getting too protective. They might not be capable of distinguishing between malicious and safe software.

The problem could be caused by your firewall or antivirus program. This problem can be fixed by changing the settings of your antivirus software.

These programs allow you to choose whether or not to block specific software. You can either unblock Spotify or add Spotify to your approved applications list.

3 Don’t Use Task Manager

Spotify app might not respond if it is running in background.

This is because the software has additional features like downloading data, updating tile live, and showing notifications.

The solution?

  • PressCTRL + AL+ DELSelectTask Manager. You can also pressCTRL + SHIFT +ESCTo openTask Manager.
  • ChooseProcesScroll down to findSpotify..
  • Click here Spotify.exeSelectThe End of the Process

The app will be closed. Open Spotify again to check what happens. You can try the steps below if Spotify isn’t playing any songs.

4 Reinstall Spotify

If the above steps do not resolve the problem, you may need to reinstall the application. You’ll also need to delete all files located under the path.C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataRoamingSpotify.


  • This page will allow you to remove the software from the control panel. > System
  • PressStart – Run – type %appdata%
  • PressEnter
  • All Spotify folders that you don’t want to see deleted

Next, restart your computer to download Spotify again.

5. How to fix issues in the Android app or iPhone

Check if there are any updates available for the app and update it if it isn’t responding on Android or iPhone.

It is important to verify that your devices work with the minimum system requirements.

Wrapping up

Spotify app not responding error occurs quite often on Windows. This problem can be fixed by restarting your computerYou can also check for updates.


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