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Sony Bravia Factory Reset Not Working


Sony Bravia Factory Reset Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix

Because of their high-end capabilities, smart TVs are the most popular choice among consumers. As a result, the Sony Bravia has become a popular choice among consumers. In a similar vein, when problems arise with a television, consumers immediately resort to a factory reset.

While some users continue to experience difficulties with the Sony Bravia factory reset not functioning, we have all of the options you require!

Why Doesn’t the Factory Reset on My Sony Bravia Work?

1) Software Crash

It is highly likely that the software on your Sony TV has crashed if the factory reset function does not function on your Sony TV. These televisions are integrated with the software in order to function properly, however they require regular firmware updates in order to function effectively.

That being said, if the software crashes after you download the firmware update, it is likely to cause problems, and it is likely that this is the source of the problem with the reset not functioning. To be honest, this is a problem that can only be fixed by Sony, so you should contact Sony customer service and inquire about the next steps.

2) A factory reset was compelled.

If it turns out that the software isn’t the problem, there is the option of doing a hard factory reset. Although there are certain considerations to make before proceeding with the forced reset, there are some things to keep in mind. In the first place, the forced factory reset will only operate if your Android TV is running the Android software version Marshmallow or later. Additionally, if you need to locate some buttons on your own, we recommend that you keep the TV’s manual nearby so that you can quickly access the procedures. Now, let’s dive into the specifics of how to perform a forced factory reset.

  • First, unplug the Sony Bravia TV by removing the AC power cord from its back or electrical switch. Next, turn off the Sony Bravia TV.
  • Now, while holding down the power button on the TV for a few seconds, plug in the power cord (AC) while continuing to hold down the power button. It is necessary to hold down the power button until the LED light emerges (the LED light colour will be white). For the most part, it will take between ten and thirty seconds to switch the LED light on and off completely.
  • When this white light emerges, you can press and hold the power button until it disappears. When this LED light does not become white after thirty seconds, on the other hand, you will have to start over from the beginning. If the light has changed to white, go to the next procedure.
  • You’ll need to wait a few minutes to confirm that the factory reset has been successfully completed. Sony Bravia TV will reboot twice once it has completed the factory reset procedure. In most cases, the TV will turn on automatically, but if it does not, you can turn it on by pressing the power button on the remote.
  • When the television is turned on, the welcome screen will show, allowing you to begin configuring the television. For those who have a problem with their Sony Bravia TVs not displaying the welcome screen, removing the power cord and restarting the television will cause the welcome screen to appear on the television.

3) In the absence of a remote

You must follow the methods listed in this section if you do not have a remote control for your Sony Bravia TV, yet you wish to force-reset the television.

Directly disconnecting the Sony Bravia TV from the power source is recommended.
Then, simultaneously press and hold the power and volume down buttons for a few seconds.
Now, while the buttons are still pressed, insert the cable into the computer, and the Sony logo will appear on the screen.
It indicates that the television has been reset.

4) The use of buttons

If you have tried everything and the factory reset function on your Sony Bravia TV is still not working, there is a good likelihood that the buttons are not functioning properly. The problem usually happens when people use these buttons excessively, causing the buttons to become faulty.

The technician will be the most appropriate choice for this reason because they will be able to alter the buttons, allowing you to proceed with the factory reset without any problems.

5) Configuration Specifications

Sony Bravia TV is equipped with a software system, which implies that setup data is available. When the configuration details do not function correctly, the ability to perform a factory reset will be restricted. Rebooting the television will, in the vast majority of circumstances, simplify the configuration procedures.

If, on the other hand, the reboot does not work, you should contact Sony customer service, and a member of their staff will reprogram your TV from the server end. Customer service can be reached at any time by dialling 1800-103-7799. Simply call them and they will take care of the problem!


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