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SMS error 97 blackberry – Here we can “SMS Error 97 Blackberry”

How to Fix an SMS Message Error 97 on Blackberry

This is usually an indication that your programs have been corrupted. You must reload your apparatus.

Here is the process. We appreciate your understanding.

1. Open the Blackberry Desktop Manager

Click on Application Loader to select Update Software

4. Join our mailing list Blackberry using the battery OUT

5. If prompted, enter your password/pin

6. If multiple OS’so have been recorded, choose the one with favored

(in case you remember that which triggered your error remove them, by Underline the program and click on delete, depart uncheck)

7. Upgrades are possible without the need for a battery.

8. If the message says “Waiting for initialization”, it will attempt to reboot.

Your battery will now be required. The icon will be visible if you are able to see it. Once your battery is added, the phone will automatically reboot. Continue the upgrade by allowing the app to do so.


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