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Does Samsung TV Support 5GHz WiFi?

Smart TVs are the most preferred and prioritized televisions. Samsung is also a well-known brand in Smart TVs. Samsung offers a variety of Smart TVs, and people frequently ask “Does Samsung TV support 5GHz Wi-Fi?”

We are sharing information about the Wi-Fi connectivity for Samsung TVs in this article!

Does Samsung TV Support 5GHz WiFi?

5GHz is a wireless channel that directly affects the internet speed and connection speed. The wireless channel can also impact network performance. There are many Smart TVs from Samsung. Each one has its unique properties and specifications. You should check the specifications for Samsung TVs.

The 2018 Samsung Smart TVs can only detect 2.4GHz connections and don’t support 5GHz Wi-Fi. The majority of Smart TVs that don’t support 5GHz Wi-Fi will not detect 5GHz WiFi connections. We will now explain what specific specifications mean about Wi-Fi connectivity.

If your Samsung TV is equipped with 802.11a, 8002.11n, or 802.11ac configurations, it will be able to support 5GHz Wi-Fi. These factors will help you determine whether your Samsung TV can support 5GHz Wi-Fi. If you have a dual-band router, then you don’t need to worry about wireless channels or support.

This is because the dual-band router automatically connects to either a 5GHz or 2.4GHz connection, depending on which wireless connection it supports. You can find information about your Samsung TV’s wireless channel and frequency support in the manual. We have some tips for improving Wi-Fi connectivity on Samsung Smart TVs now that we have cleared the wireless channel support. Take a look at these tips!


Network bugs can cause slow wireless connectivity. This is because the Samsung TV may not be able to establish a wireless connection despite being able to detect it. You could try turning off your Samsung TV and then switching it back on. We recommend that you do not leave the remote on the Samsung TV for too long as it could cause corruption.

DNS Server Settings

The DNS server settings of your Samsung TV must be correctly configured to optimize the wireless connection. The DNS server settings are generally automatically adjusted by Samsung Smart TVs. However, if your Samsung TV is experiencing connectivity problems, you will need to manually adjust the DNS server settings.


It’s difficult not to mention the firmware, since we are discussing the Samsung Smart TV. Because firmware updates can fix network issues,


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