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Multifunctional embedded load control system

SIGMA PC software, which is Windows(TM), is an alternative to the Handheld. You can also get enhanced load control, transient speed instrumentation, and full data acquisition reporting. There are also graphical displays that display real-time data, such as recovery times or % errors, which is necessary to test ISO8528.


  • For future reference and template creation, supply-on-test properties such as ratings, alternator or engine, customer, and other notes can be saved together with test results.
  • Commissioning and verification according to ISO8528.
  • Load step resolution and precision load control
  • The adaptive load correction facility makes sure that the correct load is applied to voltage drops.
  • Automated load control allows for multiple load steps, including cyclic testing.
  • Simulator built in for testing modes and functionality
  • Front-panel windows that can be customized.
  • Use the SIGMA instrumentation (SIS) to measure actual high and medium voltage parameters.


  • Transient speed instrumentation for enhanced load control, data acquisition, and reporting. Graph displays include real-time data like recovery times, crest factor, and % errors.
  • Non-unity and unity power factor testing with the capability for purely resistive or capacitive load testing.
  • You can print the results data as a customized report or export them to another software for further analysis.
  • For combined high-capacity load testing, connect up to 14 resistive or inductive load banks.


  • Test cells for OEMs with certification and verification to ISO8528 Class G1, G2, and G3.
  • For routine maintenance of generator sets, automate heat run tests
  • Witness testing, commissioning, and verification. Sign off.
  • Verification for risk insurance.


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