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What is the purpose of a computer server?

A server is a computer that connects to other computers called clients. The server is accessed by clients’ computers over the network.

Servers have more storage, memory, and processing power than normal workstations.

The type of network a server is connected to will affect how it functions. Let’s take a look at some different networks and how they interact with servers.


Peer-to-peer networks are a network where each computer plays both the client and server roles. The server is the computer providing information and services to another computer. Networks rely on one another to share and exchange information. They are usually only used in homes or small offices.

Client / Server

One server is dedicated to providing services to client workstations in a client/server network. These networks can contain multiple servers, but they cannot function as workstations. These networks are the most common.

Servers with specialization

There are several types of specialized servers. These servers include DNS, Web, and Mail Servers. These servers can host databases of domain names, provide access to websites and email accounts, and they may also be used to store these domains.


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