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Scan To iphone From HP Printer


How to do Scan To iphone/ipad From HP Printer?

In this article, the user will learn about the different methods for connecting an HP printer to smart devices like iPhones, iPods, and tablets.

Scan To iphone From HP Printer

The majority of people nowadays prefer printing by iPhones and iPods over other ways. It allows users to print all of their images and documents in a safe and secure manner at any time and from any place. There are two methods for connecting an HP printer to an iPhone. These two methods of interaction are shown in detail here.

Using the Airprint method to set up an HP printer on an iPhone or iPad:

HP Airprint is one of the standard methods for printing documents and images with an HP printer. Apple created this system for their Android devices. We can now see the different steps for setting up an HP printer on an iPhone.

  1. Setting up the Network Connection: To use the AirPrint method to link the HP printer and the Apple computer, follow the steps below:
  2. Check if the name of your wifi network has a tick mark next to it on your Apple device’s wifi.
  3. If you’re linked to another network, disconnect from it and choose the name of your wireless network.

The HP printer must be connected to the network. To display the printer’s network link status on a touch screen printer, the control panel taps the wireless icon or opens the network configuration or setup menu.

When setting up an HP printer on an iPhone, press the wireless and information buttons at the same time, or press the wireless and start copy black buttons at the same time if the printer does not have a control panel. To determine the status, the wireless test report will be printed.

  1. Do the following depending on the printer link’s connection status. If it’s already connected to the network, go ahead and connect from your computer.
  2. If the connection is not established, proceed to the steps below.
  3. To begin, connect the printer to the network using a touch screen control panel by selecting the wireless setup wizard from the setup, network, or wireless menu. Then, to complete the link operation, follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Within two hours, without touching the screen control panel, press the WPS button on the printer to create a network link.
  5. When the link is made, the printer’s light turns off.
  6. Set up an HP printer on your iPhone so you can print from your Apple computer.
  7. After you’ve established a link between your iPhone and your HP printer.

Follow the steps outlined below to print your documents and images in your printer:

  1. Make sure the HP printer is turned on, the ink cartridges are filled, and plain paper is loaded before printing the documents and images.
  2. Pick the sharing icon after opening the item you want to print.
  3. Then, on the screen, select the print or print icon to open the HP printer option.
  4. By clicking the select printer option on the screen, you can choose your printer.
  5. Change the settings on the print screen after choosing your printer; the settings will differ depending on the computer.
  6. Paper: Use the same paper sizes as the document you’re printing. The size of the paper loaded in the tray is automatically detected by AirPrint.
  7. The number of copies: the number of copies of the paper that you need to print in this form.
  8. In this case, choose grayscale instead of black and white. Only the colour printer will be able to print this.
  9. Printing on both sides of the page: Choose this option if you need to print on both sides of the paper.
  10. Page range: specify the number of pages in the paper or web page to be printed.
    These are the measures that anyone should take to link their HP printer to their iPhone and other smart devices including iPads and tablets.

How to Set Up an HP Printer on an iPhone or iPad Using the HP Smart App Method:

In this subject, we’ll go through the steps for setting up an HP printer on an iPhone using the HP Smart App in detail.

Install the HP Smart App: Before you begin the printing process, make sure you have the HP Smart App installed on your Android device (version 5.0 or later) and your Apple device (version 10 or later). Follow the steps outlined below to complete the installation.

  1. Open your iPhone’s browser and navigate to the website 123.hp.com to download the app.
  2. Check to see if your phone is linked to the internet through WiFi.
  3. After downloading the HP smart app, go to the plus sign and pick the name of your printer to add it to your list of things to print.

Print, copy, or scan: After downloading the smart app, you can quickly connect to the printer by setting up a wireless link.

After connecting the printer and iPhone, you can easily perform the following tasks:

  1. Users may use the HP printer to print a document or a picture.
  2. This printer is also used for scanning purposes.
  3. Scan using your phone’s camera.
  4. Documents, cards, and photographs can all be copied.
  5. Control your printer’s settings: After you’ve chosen the documents to print or scan with your iPhone, you’ll need to configure the printer’s settings, status, and supplies.
  6. Select the home screen in order to adjust the printer’s settings and status.
  7. Adjust printer settings, view printer information, reports, and other printing-related information by selecting the printer.
  8. To display the error messages and deals from the smart app you built for printing your documents, click the notification button.
  9. To order supplies and maintain your HP instant ink account, go to the next steps and click on the HP instant ink tile.
  10. Finally, these are the steps that anyone must take in order to print from an HP printer using the HP Smart App.


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