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Scan a Document to an Email Address (Scan to Email)

This system for scanning to email on Windows 10 works on every scanner and email address, including Gmail.

In general, I like to teach people how to use the gmail.com web interface because it has the best email security and usability features, such as Smart Compose.
However, some people prefer a simpler approach for emailing scanned papers. The environment where people get lost is locating the scanned text (navigating a file system).

The following Setup and How To are for situations where you are unable to train the user to send attachments via Gmail.

Before this approach would work, you must first complete the setup steps.

  1. Download Windows Scan from the Microsoft Store.
  2. Windows Scan is a free app available in the Microsoft Store.
  3. Change the file format in Window Scan to pdf.
  4. Shift the File format from png to pdf in the left column of Windows Scan.

In Windows 10, go to Mail and add your email address.

This approach necessitates the use of Windows 10 Mail. And in this situation, I’m not a big fan of Windows 10 Mail. Try to use the gmail.com user browser for day-to-day gmail usage.

  1. Click on the following link: In Windows 10 Mail, add an email address.
  2. Make Microsoft Edge your default PDF viewer.
  3. Microsoft Edge is the default PDF reader in Windows 10 out of the box. You can easily set Edge as your favourite PDF reader if you’ve been using another programme to manage this sort of text.
  4. Click the Choose default apps by file form relation in Settings > Apps > Default apps. Then scroll down and pick Microsoft Edge from the list of apps that are currently set as a default for.pdf.

On Windows 10, make Mail your default email app.

This is done so that we can submit the scanned pdf as an attachment to an email directly from Edge.

  1. Bottom-left, click the Start Menu Windows 10 Start Icon button.
  2. Now go to the Windows 10 Settings tab and choose Settings.
  3. Then choose System Windows 10 Settings – System from the drop-down menu.
  4. Then choose Default Apps.
  5. Tap on the new default email client under the Email heading.
  6. To make Mail the default programme, go to the Choose an app menu and choose Mail.

How to do it: Windows 10 allows you via scan to text.

Now that the setup is complete, we can use this method to search to email from the device.

  1. Scan is another name for Windows Scan.
  2. To begin the scan, click Scan.
  3. To access, click View. The pdf is expected to open in Edge.
  4. To share, click the Share button.
  5. To send an email, click Email.
  6. If you have several email accounts, choose one to send from.
  7. In the To sector, type the name of the receiver.
  8. Change the subject and write a note so that the recipient understands what this attachment is about.
  9. Send the message.

You can search photos and append them to an email using the Email function. The type of the attachment can be specified, and photographs can be scanned in colour, grayscale, or black and white.

Scanned photos may be sent to a single email address or a list of predefined addresses. Before using the Scan to Email feature, you must first set up individual and community email addresses in the Address Book.

Set up and customise the printer’s Email function before using it. For more details, see Configure SMTP (Email) Settings Using Xerox CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS).

Scan a Document to an Email Address (Scan to Email xerox)

  1. Click the Scan button on the printer’s control panel.
  2. Fill in the blanks with the original documents:
  3. For single pages or paper that cannot be fed through the automated document feeder, use the platen glass. Place the original paper face down in the upper-left corner of the platen glass after lifting the document feeder.
  4. Using the automated paper feeder for single or multiple pages. Staples and paper clips should be removed from the pages. Place the original documents in the paper feeder face up, with the top of the page going first. Make sure the paper manuals are aligned with the original texts.
  5. To view Scan to Email, use the up/down arrows and then click OK. A search alternative for the address book exists.
  6. To choose a local or community email recipient, click OK, then choose the appropriate option:
  7. Click the up/down arrows to show Local Email and then OK to pick a local email recipient. To choose an email address, use the up/down arrows to navigate to the recipient’s email address, then click OK.
  8. Click the up/down arrows to show Community Email and then OK to pick a predefined group.
  9. To choose a category, use the up/down arrows to navigate to the one you want, then click OK.

Refer to Address Book for more information about how to use and edit the Address Book.
If the Send to Myself? alternative appears, click the up/down arrows to show Yes and then press OK to accept a copy of the text.

If necessary, make the following changes to your email settings:

  1. To show the appropriate function, use the up/down arrows and then press OK.
  2. To show the appropriate choice, use the up/down arrows, and then press OK to save your choices.
  3. Refer to Email Options for more detail on programming options.
  4. To return to the top-level menu, press Back.
  5. Start by pressing the Start button.
  6. After scanning the original, the computer will ask if you want to scan another page.
  7. Click the up/down arrows to pick Yes and then press OK to search another tab.
  8. Click OK after loading an initial. Otherwise, click OK after selecting No.
  9. The photos are copied and sent to the job’s specified destination.


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