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Scan to Email with Office 365 using a Multi-function Printer

It’s simple to set up a multi-function system to search to email in Office 365. The three possible methods are mentioned in this Microsoft document:

Direct Submit SMTP Client Submission
Making Use of an SMTP Relay

The approach you can use is determined by your surroundings. If you already have an SMTP server set up on your network, SMTP relay might be a better option.

The SMTP Client Submission form will be covered in this article. The downside of this approach is that it necessitates the use of a registered Office 365 account by the printer. It is, however, very simple to set up.

Set up an HP Multi-function Device to search to email.

I’ll show you how to do it with an HP PageWide Pro 477dw MFP, but the process is the same with any brand. Make sure you know the username and password for the Office 365 account you’ll be using before you start configuring the printer.

  • Go to the printer’s web interface and log in.
  • Locate the “Scan to Email” options as follows:

You must now type the following:

  1. Using the Office 365 Account Email Address you want to use for the printer as the From Address.
  2. Server SMTP: smtp.office365.com
  3. 587 is the SMTP port.
  4. Select “Always use safe connection (SSL/TLS)” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Identifier: Use the email address associated with your Office 365 account for the printer.
  6. Authentication code: Put the password for the account you want to use in the box below.

The HP PageWide has a convenient internal address book for storing email addresses, making scanning to email a breeze.

  1. Using Office 365, configure Scan to Email.
  2. Open a web browser on a computer:
  3. In the Address field, type the printer’s IP address and click Enter. The window for CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS) will appear.

Note: If you don’t know the printer’s IP address, print a System Configuration Report or contact your System Administrator.

  1. The [Properties] tab should be selected.
  2. Enter your login credentials and click OK.

Notice that [admin] is the default username, and [1111] is the default password. Please contact your System Administrator if this has been updated.

  1. To extend the list of choices, click [Connectivity] in the Properties section on the left side of the page.
  2. To extend the list, click [Protocols].
  3. Select [SMTP Server] from the drop-down menu.
  4. Make sure that Auto Discover SMTP Server is not activated.
  5. Next to Name or IP Address, select the [Host Name] radio button.
  6. In the SMTP Server Host Name and Port area, type smtp.office365.com.
  7. In the Port Number for Sending E-mail area, type 587.
  8. Select [Server Needs SMTP Authentication] from the drop-down menu.
  9. Select the [System] radio button in the Login Credentials section.
  10. In the Login Name field, type your full e-mail address. username@Office365.com should be the full e-mail address format.
  11. In the Password and Retype Password fields, type the Office 365 account password.
  12. Check the box next to [Select to save new password].
  13. Make sure the Enable checkbox next to [Secure Email Connection with SSL/TLS] is checked.
  14. From the pull-down menu, choose Maximum Message Size.
  15. Select [Apply] from the drop-down menu.
  16. To extend and view the options, click on [Services] on the left.
  17. To extend and view the options, click [E-mail Settings] on the left.
  18. Select [E-mail Setup] from the drop-down menu.
  19. In the Default From Address area, type the Office 365 e-mail address.
    Select [Apply] from the drop-down menu.
  20. To verify functionality, enter an e-mail address in the Control Panel and select Scan to E-mail.

Scan To Email in Office 365: How to Set It Up

This knowledge base article can help you set up Scan To Email with Office 365. These instructions are generic since configuration choices differ.

Method 1: SMTP Server is Office 365

Here’s how we use the documentation: dn554323(v=exchg.150).aspx#option1 https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn554323(v=exchg.150).aspx

The following are the three requirements:

  1. Server for SMTP
  2. Set the SMTP server for the printer to smtp.office365.com.

Set the email address to anything from your domain; to authenticate to O365, you’ll need an account with a legitimate mailbox (e.g. info@yourdomain.com).

  1. SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Trans
  2. SSL/TLS must be enabled and used on the computer.

Using SendGrid as an SMTP Server (Method 2)

  1. This is where you will sign up for SendGrid. If you don’t send a lot of emails, there is a free alternative.
  2. You just need to configure the printer with the server, username, and password once SendGrid is set up.


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