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Satellite Internet Providers With No Data Cap


Satellite Internet Unlimited Data (No Data Cap)

Satellite internet service providers have a reputation for setting data caps on their satellite internet services plans. Data caps are the limit on how much data you can download per month from the internet. A higher data limit is usually available with a more expensive service plan. Your internet connection will cease to exist if you exceed your monthly data limit.

People are reluctant to buy a satellite internet plan for this reason. Because these plans typically include unlimited data, cable and DSL Internet will be their first options. Satellite internet is the only option for rural residents who do not have access to either cable or DSL internet services.

Unlimited Data For Satellite Users

It would be amazing if a satellite Internet provider offered unlimited data plans. There is now one that does. The company’s name is Viasat . Customers who live in the United States can get unlimited data plans and satellite internet services. This is a significant breakthrough in satellite internet.

Viasat Exede has three satellite internet plans that offer unlimited data. These plans are distinguished by their video streaming quality and fast connection speeds. However, none of these plans have limitations on the time you can download files. This is a common feature with other satellite providers. Viasat Exede is the leader in satellite internet service.

Customers can download at 12 Mbps with the Bronze 12 package, for example. Video streaming quality is limited to 360p and is not available on smaller screens. This may be most useful for mobile users. Don’t forget to turn off HD YouTube videos.

Customers may experience slower connections even though they have unlimited data. The service provider will prioritize data for customers within a certain data limit to avoid network congestion. It doesn’t mean your internet connection is lost, but the speed of your connection will be affected.

This problem can be solved by purchasing a premium unlimited data package. Viasat Exede also offers a Silver 25 package that provides 25 Mbps download speed and allows you to stream DVD-quality video at 480p. This plan has a data limit of 60 GB. If you want to really go all-out and get the best package, the Gold 30 or Gold 50 are the options.

Both plans offer 100GB data usage. However, the former provides 30 Mbps download speed and the latter 50 Mbps. You can enjoy high-quality streaming video on your TV set with either the Gold or Silver plans.

Alternative Satellite Internet

Viasat Exede has customers in all 50 states, but they don’t serve every zip code. To check if your area is eligible for their satellite internet service, you will need to visit their website. You can also try HughesNet if you are unable to get their service.

HughesNet has been a very popular satellite internet provider in the United States. They offer unlimited data plans but a wider coverage area. They are also known for their high speed satellite internet connections, high data limits and integrated WiFi modem. You can connect your mobile devices to the internet using your satellite Wi-Fi model.

HughesNet offers four satellite internet plans that range from 10 GB up to 50 GB. You can still stream DVD-quality content for many hours per month with this data. If you have the 50GB data plan, you can stream 75 hours of DVD-quality video content per month without any interruption to your internet connection. If you don’t watch videos daily, you should be able to stretch those 75 hours out over the course of a month.


Satellite internet with unlimited data is still in its infancy, but it is rapidly evolving. Satellite internet is becoming more popular, which means that there’s a growing demand for faster download speeds and increased data. Satellite companies are diligently working to meet these needs by offering unlimited data plans and new services.


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