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Samsung TV Won t Stay Connected to Wifi


Samsung TV Won’t Stay Connected To WiFi: 7 Fixes

Samsung has become a household name in the world of electronic devices. Whatever you need, whether it’s a smart TV or an advanced refrigerator with smart features, Samsung is the only brand to consider. Samsung Smart TVs have been increasingly popular over the years, thanks to their large screens and vibrant images. In addition to everything else, their internet connectivity is excellent. In order to keep up with the latest technological trends, Samsung Smart TVs are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity functions.

Those who have purchased Samsung Smart TVs, on the other hand, have expressed frustration at not being able to connect to the internet. We’ve discussed the troubleshooting methods as well as a set of remedies for optimising your internet connection in this article. Thanks for reading! Take a look at this!

1) Firmware update for Samsung TV that won’t stay connected to WiFi

If you’ve ever used a Samsung phone, you’re probably familiar with the concept of regular updates. In a similar vein, Samsung provides firmware updates on a regular basis. However, it should be noted that outdated firmware can result in troubles with internet connectivity. Because of the outdated firmware, the configuration settings will be negatively impacted, resulting in a slow internet connection or connection drops.

2. Bugs are number

Since the introduction of the Samsung Smart TV, there have been numerous complaints regarding default problems in the smart software. The configuration settings would be corrupted as a result of this error, which would result in network troubles. The configuration settings will need to be reset in order to improve the internet connection in this instance.

3) Block of Addresses

Every device has a unique address, which it uses to establish a connection with a router via the internet to send and receive data. These addresses, on the other hand, are sometimes blocked by internet service providers or by other users. If this is the case, your Smart TV will not be able to connect to the internet unless the restricted IP address is unblocked on the router. You should get in touch with your internet service provider if you were not behind this address restriction.

4) DNS Configuration

It will be difficult for the TV to create an internet connection if your DNS settings are incorrect or contain mistakes. Additionally, it has the potential to cause a connectivity conflict between the router and the television. It may be necessary to manually adjust the DNS settings in order to restore internet connectivity if this is the case. While changing the DNS settings, make sure to change the IP address from to in order to have a more stable internet connection.

5) Restarting the process

The corrupted settings on your Samsung Smart TV can be fixed by restarting the TV if you are experiencing connectivity issues. To ensure a proper restart, turn on your television for five minutes and then immediately unplug the power cord. Allow the television to rest for at least half an hour before turning it on in order to establish a more efficient internet connection.

6) Restarting the Internet on a regular basis

There is a good probability that your Smart TV is in perfect working order, yet internet signals can occasionally be problematic. It is recommended that you power cycle your router and modem to resolve the issue. To power cycle your modem and router, unplug the power cords from both devices, wait at least one minute, and then plug them back in again.

7) Perform a hard reset

The hard reset of your Samsung Smart TV will very certainly resolve any internet connectivity troubles that you are experiencing. To perform a hard reset, follow the steps outlined below;

To turn on the television, press the power button on the remote.
Continue to push the button until the TV turns off and the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
Allowing the power button to be released will result in the fault being resolved.


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