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Samsung Tv Service Menu Without Remote


With the Samsung TV Smart Menu, you can reset your digital tuner or disable or enable hotel mode. You can also do a factory reset.

You must take a photo of the current settings before you make any changes in the service menu. To help you restore your settings if the changes you made don’t work, you can take another photo of them.

Note: The service menu items are extremely abbreviated. Click here to learn more about the Samsung Service Menu Explanations Guide.

Samsung Service Menu explained

A smart TV can be difficult to set up, configure or diagnose. An average user can access the Samsung TV Service Menu by pressing a series of buttons on their remote.

There are many information options on your TV’s menu.

  • Date of production, version and year
  • Digital tuner manufacturer
  • Instructions on mounting a wall
  • TV port standards

These settings can be changed in the menu.

  • Sound management and control
  • Modifying the TV’s Mode
  • Television models can be disabled or enabled
  • Do screen tests and calibrate your screen
  • Setting the white balance
  • Controlling color levels

How to use a smart remote to access the Samsung Service Menu

  • To load the Home Screen, simply press the Home Button on your Samsung smart control remote.
  • Use the directional pad to navigate to the Settings tab and click on it
  • Wait for the service menu to appear on your screen
  • Click on the menu item you wish to change, then click on the parameter to save your changes.

Samsung TVs default to hiding the menu. The service menu can be accessed by pressing a combination key or the Home button.

Different models of Samsung TVs use different key combinations. You can find the right combination by looking at the Samsung TV service menu.

These are the most common procedures:

  • It is important to turn off your TV
  • These are the details:
    • Combination1 Info, menu, Mute and then Power button
    • Combination 2First, muffle the button. Next, press 1,8,2 then press the power button
    • Combination Display, menu, Mute and then Power button
    • P.STD., Combination 4Display Power button, Mute
  • The TV will automatically turn on and display the service menu at the top left.
  • With your smart remote, you can navigate the menu and make any changes

Keep trying until you find the service menu. Samsung developed a button-pressing algorithm to limit the time between buttons in order to prevent accidental access to the menu. You should only press each button once and not hold them for too long.

Access the Samsung TV service menu without a remote

This is how you access the Samsung Smart TV service menu without using a remote.

  1. The small square-shaped button located on the back right side of your TV acts like a joystick. Flip the switch to turn on the TV. As the screen loads, the menu button will be displayed at the bottom. You can navigate the menu or make any changes by using the volume buttons on the side of your television.
  2. While the service menu loads, you can turn on the TV by pressing the “joystick” button.
  3. You can download a remote app to your smartphone. It can be used to access the Samsung Service Menu Code in the same manner as a smart remote.

If you have lost or damaged your remote, Amazon can send you a replacement.

Wrapping up

Smart remotes are the best method to access Samsung TV’s service menu.

You can easily adjust the settings of your TV using a remote. It is possible to access your TV’s menu without a remote but it can take some time.

Your preference will determine which method you choose to use. Always refer to the Samsung TV Service Menu Guide to ensure that your TV model is compatible for your chosen method.


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