3 Ways To Fix Samsung TV Side Buttons Not Working

Samsung TVs offer more than just great software. They provide a much faster and more stable experience than many other options. Samsung TVs are best known for their clear displays and better audio.

Samsung TVs are built to last. While they don’t fail you perfectly, there are ways to fix any problems with your Samsung TV.

How do I fix the Samsung TV Side Buttons that aren’t working?

1. Make sure to clean the Buttons

It is important to maintain your TV and clean it regularly. If you have problems with the buttons on your TV’s side, you should pay more attention to them.

To ensure there is no moisture or dust stuck to the buttons, you will need to clean them with a damp tissue or cloth. Other cleaners designed for electronics can be used to clean the buttons.

2. Reset TV

There might be a problem with the Samsung TV’s side buttons. This could be due to an error or bug in the TV. It is easy to fix. You will only need to pull the power cord out of your Samsung TV and allow it to rest for a few minutes.

You can then plug your TV back in. This will reset the cache and settings and fix any errors on the Samsung TV side buttons. After that, you should be able to make your TV work flawlessly.

3. Have it tested

If nothing has been done, please let us know. The Samsung Warranty Center will inspect your TV. The Samsung Warranty Center will inspect your TV and determine the cause of the problem. They may also recommend a solution. This could include replacing or repairing your side buttons module, which will ensure you never have to experience the same problem again.

It is important to avoid opening the TV by an unlicensed technician. This will not only cause you to lose your warranty but can also make it dangerous. Electronic appliances can fail if they are not properly fixed.

It is important to have it properly checked so that you do not have to deal with any problems afterward.

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